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A Law of Attraction Success Story by Jenny Brice (Guest Author)

by inspire on October 5, 2009

All the hype these days in the self help/self improvement world seems to be on the “Law of Attraction.” I’ve certainly caught the wave and have been very open to the process of co-creating the experiences in my life. One thing I’ve tried in particular is a vision board.

What is it about a vision board that helps us to manifest our dreams? From what I understand, vision boards are effective because they give us frequent, daily input of the vision we want for our lives. The picture of what you want is repeatedly going into your brain and forming a thought. That daily vision/thought then begins the process of manifestation. The funny thing is, I recently manifested something from a totally surprising visual source that I wasn’t consciously trying to manifest. Here’s what happened…

Three weeks ago, I decided to change the “wallpaper” on my cell phone—the picture in the background when you open up your phone. I decided on a photograph of the tropics. It’s a photo of several grass roof huts, elevated over the water. It’s sunny and beautiful, the water is blue, and when I look at it, I can escape in my mind to a warmer place, away from the busy, chilly, fall season here at home.

So–yesterday, I started up again with my yoga class. I’d taken a bit of a hiatus over the summer and was ready to get back into my routine. I was feeling quite blissful after my 90 minute class, rejuvenated, open and ready for whatever the day would bring. Upon leaving the studio I picked up a flier for a “Yoga Vacation in the Tropics!” It looked marvelous, taught by our lovely instructor and was to be held during the cold, rainy, dreary time of year here in Washington—February! I held the flier in my hands and let my mind dream. “I wish I could go!” I thought. So I tucked it into my purse and took it with me to meet my friend for lunch. She looked it over and we both started daydreaming about getting away to “Panamanian Paradise” in the dead of winter for 6 days of yoga and relaxation.

After our visit, it just so happened that my mother and a friend were having lunch at the bookstore café down the street so I sat down and showed them the flier. Now you must understand that my mother is very spontaneous! After seeing my enthusiasm for the idea of going on this “Yoga Vacation” she said, “Well, why not?” and proceeded to write me a check for the down payment! She said, “Everyone needs someone to champion their dreams…hold a spot, and see what unfolds!” Smiling and radiant, I walked back down to the yoga studio and paid my deposit. I was going to Panama! Wow!!! I glowed as I walked back to my car and got in.

I then reached for my phone to call my husband, and as I opened it up I stopped, staring at the picture in the background–the photo of the grass huts over the water in the tropics. I was stunned! Quickly I scrambled for the flier in my purse. I couldn’t believe my eyes! There in the corner of the flier for my “Yoga Vacation in the Tropics” was the very same style grass hut sitting over the water. “Unbelievable!” I thought! “How amazing! It’s the exact replica of what I have been looking at for the past three weeks on my phone!” I was electrified now!! “This is a true sign from the universe” I thought! “This is proof that vision boards work! The universe is nudging me along, conspiring on my behalf and co-creating a wonderful and magical experience for me! I know I’m supposed to be there!”

So that is my little story of “proof” that what you look at, what you think about, and what you focus on in your life does indeed manifest. The universe will show you the signs, and place the people in your life to help it happen–if you are willing to pay attention and say YES!

Dare to Dream!

About Jenny Brice


Jenny Brice is an inspirational singer and songwriter from Bellingham, Washington, USA. She has just released her first album entitled “Dreaming of Peace” and is also featured as a guest singer on the album “Dare to Dream” by Sean M. Kelly,


Here’s a video put to one of Jenny’s songs – Dare to Dream

For more information about Jenny’s music please visit

To join the 40 day online Irish Inner Peace Pilgrimage enter your name and email below:


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Cleo Sanda-Fuga October 15, 2009 at 2:22 am

Thank you, Jenny Brice, great encouragement you’ve shared… and lovely music, too. And congratulations on your upcoming trip! How exciting — both the trip itself and how it manifested.

I’ve got a couple ‘Law of Attraction’ books myself… and (as of about 6 months ago) a big vision board in our living room, sitting just below our tv on the floor. It’s covered with travel, adventure, nature and health images that I love and I absorb them all every day… especially while I’m doing my yoga each am and/or pm!

We just got back from 5 weeks in Austria over the summer and I know this board is working it’s way into both my and my husband’s systems. Our trip was our best ever in every way and now we want more.

It seems as if this vision board, which includes numerous pictures of ourselves enjoying life in the midst of all this enlivening imagery, gives us a sense of ‘ownership’ of our best experiences and possibilities. And the negativity that used to catch my attention and trip me up seems as if it’s just stepping aside with this positive new sense of focus and purpose… and love of life.

I’ve always heard visualization is one of the most powerful tools for attracting what you want. I think we’ve just started on this path, and it’s only getting better. I’ve just made plans for our next trip over Christmas, too. The ball is rolling…

Thanks again for sharing. Best Wishes and Visions!

Cleo Sanda-Fuga

Jenny Brice October 16, 2009 at 4:39 pm

Thank you Cleo for your lovely comments in response to my blog article! How wonderful that visualizing is having a positive effect in your life! I am inspired, after reading your note, to re-create my vision board with more travel and adventure.
It is wonderful to feel such a sense of of power over the experiences our lives. And how amazing that it can be as simple as looking at images of what we want to manifest!
I wish you much happiness and joy as you pursue your dreams!
Jenny Brice

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