Another lesson in Living Your Dream …

by inspire on October 8, 2007

Let’s suppose you want to live your dream. You’ve been working on it for years. You consider yourself very knowledgeable, maybe even the best. However you still have many dreams which havent come true. You meet someone who can show you how to move onto the next level. While sharing some of their wisdom with you, you begin to judge it and say to yourself “ah sure I’ve heard all this before”. You decide to stop listening. 

Ten years later you’re still trying to live your dreams – it just seems like dreams don’t come true! It’s also been a very humbling ten years. In fact there is a part of you that feels its time to let your dreams go and live a “normal” life.

Then one day you’re out walking when you meet the person you met ten years earlier. You’re meeting is almost like destiny repeating itself. This time however, after a humbling ten years of relatively little progress, you choose to listen. As they share their wisdom, you let go of all judgement and gently put your attention on absorbing their wise message:

“Decide to let go of what you know. Open your mind to all possibilities. Imagine you’re starting all over again. You may have missed opportunities in the last ten years but you also had many successes. To move to the next level you have to think on a new level. Most importantly you must remain awake to the great opportunities that are coming your way now and in the next ten years. And remember – keep letting go of what you know.”

May Your Most Fulfilling Dreams come true

Sean M Kelly

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