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Awaken Your Dreams & Touch Peoples Hearts – day 15 of 40 Irish Inner Peace Pilgrimage

by inspire on October 7, 2009

What can following our dreams do for us? Can they help us be a better person?

poormanEarlier this year a client whom I’ve been coaching lost his job. Initially this was a shock and “rocked” his world. However on reflection, in spite of fears and insecurities that arose, he decided and was encouraged to follow what he’s really passionate about, his dreams. Since then he has made excellent progress in that direction and in time will, I feel, reach great heights in his chosen field. Even more importantly he will positively touch many peoples lives with what he will create.

One day coming home on the bus in Chacago he saw a homeless man. In the past when he was unhappy within himself “doing a job” he really didn’t like he would turn a blind eye to such a person and sometimes direct negative thoughts at them. However since he has chosen to follow his passions, irrespective of fears that arise, he is a lot more at peace within himself. Consequently on seeing such a homeless person he feels compassion  and directs such positive thoughts towards them.

Big deal! You may say! But imagine a world in which all of us on meeting anyone, no matter what they’ve done in the past could direct thoughts and feelings of compassion and indeed love towards them. Just imagine! What sort of a world would we be creating? Is it the sort of world you’d like to live in? Well as the old Gandhi saying says “Be the change you wish to see in the world”

What if just for today you could feel compassion for every person who crosses your path, whether it’s in real life, tv, the internet or whatever. Have a go and notice how it feels. By the end of today the world will be a better place because you have chosen to “be the change

Here’s a video which offers some more reflections and inspirations to encourage you on your way:

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