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Awakenings – A Global wake up call! (first published in 2009)

by inspire on April 3, 2009

Once upon a time there was a beautiful golden sandy beach. On this beach there lived a beautiful race of people, a race of people who believed in the highest of qualities like love, peace, sharing, kindness, compassion, friendship, abundance for all, being of service, prosperity, well being and living with a deep sense of gratitude.

They also knew they were all part of one beautiful creation. Each day they would honour the Source of this creation by joyfully gathering together to align their intentions with it – they would still their minds, listen to the whispers from their Soul and happily follow through on the guidance received. By honouring this guidance they had co-created heaven on earth.

However it had not always been such a heavenly existence. Many stories had been passed down from the elders about the old society. It was said that many years ago people used to build sandcastles on the beach and instead of sharing them, they wanted to keep them for themselves. Not only that they also believed that whoever had the biggest sandcastle was the best, most successful and most worthy person. In fact they were so attached to their sandcastles that they never spent any time reflecting on what their existence was truly about – they needed to spend all their time learning about how to acquire more sandcastles so that one day they could feel they were better than everyone else.

Needless to say once people owned something they had to protect it – so armies and weapons of mass destruction were invented. And those who had the most powerful weapons felt they were the most important and had the right to decide how the beach was ruled.

They also invented mortgages, taxes, laws and a consciousness of scarcity and fear which they kept alive through the beaches media which they controlled. By doing this they knew people would be “imprisoned” in a financial straight jacket and would have to live as the so called powerful wanted them too (at least until they paid off their mortgage, of course interest rates could always be increased if a lot of people started to do that!).

For generations the people on the beach lived in fear – fear of eachother, fear of lack, fear of disapproval, fear of losing their sandcastles and of course the biggest fear of all – there were too many people coming to live on the beach! In this sort of fearful and insecure society the true meaning of life wasent really important. Anyway it could be worried about at the end of life and/or by those who have lost the plot and gone with the fairies!

Then one particular bright, fresh day the ocean rose up like a mountain and washed all the sandcastles away. Very few people survived. The few that did … woke up!

broken sandcastle

A Pipers Tales - Celtic Wisdom to nourish the SoulThe above story is taken from “A Pipers Tales – Celtic Wisdom to nourish the Soul“. Buy your copy on  -

Carpe Diem!

Sean M Kelly


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