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Be the change

by inspire on April 3, 2009

Jesus Resurrection AWAKENINGS

Thurs 9th April 7.30pm Dublin, an inspirational musical retreat – click here

If there was no such thing as change there would be no such thing as butterfly’s. We can either resist change and create struggle or we can embrace it and create harmony. If we are very attached to the way things are we resist change and often get left behind and irrespective of our opinion about change it will continue to happen. It is also happening at an ever increasing rate. The “old ways” of “doing” things which were to a large extent based on fear, greed and scarcity  - “there isent enough for everyone” are been challenged and there is no doubt that we are now reaping the harvest of this sort of limited thinking. I remember hearing one time that there was enough money in the world in the 1950′s for everyone to be a millionaire! Something to think about for sure.

Others would say its not an economic problem at all but a Spiritual one, as we have never learnt to truly love one another and share with eachother. If we had the world we’ve created would be an entirely different place! However whats most important is that each of us do our bit to realise more love, sharing and harmony in our own lives and once there is a critical mass of people doing this (approx 11%) humanity will reach a whole new level of harmonious existence.

So as Mohatma Gandhi said “Be the change you wish to see in the world”

In-Joy, Sean M Kelly

PS: Your Invitation to Awakenings – on Holy Thursday 9th April 2009 I’m facilitating a musical retreat evening with the intention of creating an inspirational and reflective space for all present. A space from which you will feel alot more inspired and positive in your own life. All are welcome. For more details click here

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