In a Day by Seán M Kelly

by inspire on November 18, 2010

I was inspired to write the following poem in the early 1990′s when a friend of mine was killed in a car crash. His car drove down a track in Africa, not too fast, not to slow. It hit a bump. He was seriously injured and died after some time. That night at 4am I awoke and wrote this poem – a poem about the death of a loved one. I hope it offers some comfort to anyone reading this who has lost a loved one, friend or anyone close. Please feel free to use this poem if you wish. It can be used as a poem about death of a loved one or a poem about death of a child.

You may also listen to the words put to music. I recorded it at home with basic equipment so there’s a bit of noise but perhaps this “noise” is perfect!) Enjoy!

Click here to Listen to In a Day

In a Day
See a cloud,
fluffy white, maybe gray
See it pass the heavenly sky
Before it drifts away …

In a Day
Hear a song,
from a Songbird or a Crow
hear the music that Nature makes
the melody, the river flow …

In a Day
Feel the wind
blow across your face
Feel it fast! Feel it slow!
Really feel its windy pace

In a Day
Smell the scent
Whatever it may be
the fragrance of a blossomed flower
the salty air waving from the sea

In a day
Taste this life
Taste it all around
Swirl it in! Swirl it out!
Swallow it upside down …

See it! Hear it! Feel it!
Smell it! Taste it!
Swallow it whole!
Live it! Love it! Lash it!
Catch it while it can be caught
And you are on a roll…

For Some Day,
some time, some place, some where
none of us really know why
we leave this place and those we love
for those we really care…

But maybe …
Yes! Maybe!
Some Day, Some Time, Some Place, Some Where …
Heaven only knows …
We’ll All be reunited in Triumphant chant
with Angels everywhere.

by Sean M Kelly (c) 2010

Be Inspired
Sean M Kelly

Sean M Kelly

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Roibeard McElroy December 22, 2010 at 6:07 am

Very nice and profound poem, Sean! Blessings and light.

Sean M Kelly December 22, 2010 at 6:17 am

Cheers Roibeard.

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