Celebrate World Peace Day 21 Sept

by inspire on September 21, 2007


There is no way to peace; peace is the way.
A.J. Muste (1885-1967)

Where does world peace begin? It begins within each and every one of us. Make a decision today to be peaceful in your thoughts, in your words and in your joyous actions. Let everything you do today (even if you dislike doing it) be done in a Spirit of Peace. Decide to celebrate the peace that is already within you, your family, your community and our world, for it is in celebrating what is great on our planet that we will realise more of that greatness.

Lets suspend our disbelief about what is possible and pronounce within the deepest part of our hearts that Peace Prevails on Earth! Even if not for ourselves lets do it for our children, who will inherit our legacy. Lets create a world where future generations look back and say: Yes they were a generation that cared; they were a generation that realised World Peace was not only possible but is the Greatest Gift that can be given to future generations.

Let today be the day that you, whoever you are that is reading this decides - this beautiful world of ours will be a more peaceful place because you have lived. As the quote from A.J Muste says ”Peace is the way”. So let today be an example of that peaceful way.

Here’s some practical things you can do:

1. Choose to leave listening or reading about negative news until another day and take a few quiet moments to be grateful for all the greatness and peace that is within you

2. Enjoy a wonderful meal with your family and in your thoughts, words and/or deeds let them know how grateful you are for their gift of being in your life.

3. Take a few quiet moments to realise that peace exists where you are right now. Once you feel it, send it out to the World.

To help celebrate peace have a listen to “Peace Within” from the Dare to Dream album.

Also please pass this email to help others celebrate peace and leave your wishes for peace in the comments below.

Go mbeidh siochain go deo ar thalamh on domhain

May Peace Prevail on Earth

Seán M Kelly B.Sc.

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Photo by Sunny Formee – www.pbase.com/sunartique Peace Within

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Debbie Darling September 21, 2007 at 2:37 pm

Peace to All! Tremendous gratitude to you Sean for you inspiration today and always. I am with you in Spirit on this World Peace Day.

elaine coker September 21, 2007 at 4:42 pm

Sean thank you so much for leading us to this day. I am amazed that when you live peace you find it in the most unexpected places. What a wonderful day it has been. The Hope Centre stopped at 12.00 (in the middle of dinner!)for a short silence to share with you all the most profound moment of peace. How blessed we were to experience that. May peace and love be with you all.

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