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Celebrate World Peace Day 21st Sept 2010

by inspire on September 21, 2010

Peace is Growing in Our World

A few years ago I remember someone describing meditation to me. They said it was like sitting at the space at the bottom of the sea where everything is still and calm, even though there is huge waves bashing around on the surface.

It’s very easy for us to get caught up in those waves and forget about the stillness that lies beneath. The stillness is always there no matter what is happening on the surface.

The more we can nourish peace in our own lives the more it’s waves will be felt around the world. Nothing has to be said, it just has to be demonstrated.

And today is World Peace Day which has a goal of a 24 hour period where the world is totally at peace. Now that’s a great goal and the more we all vision and act on it the more it will be realised.

Some may consider it an impossible dream. Well what’s impossible today is possible tomorrow. Invest a bit of time everyday nourishing peace in your life.

Here are a few simple ways to nourish peace in your day:

1. Begin your day in quiet reflection. Simply sit somewhere for a few moments and enjoy the beginning of your day. Many will not be given the gift of that day. Celebrate it and be absolutely grateful you have it  at all.

2. Do what makes you feel great. If you love painting, then enjoy some time painting every day, even if just for a few minutes. Whatever it is you love, enjoy some time doing exactly that every day.

3. Have a Vision for a bright future. Create a vision which warms your heart and excites you and take joyous steps towards its realisation.

4. Enjoy time with those you love. Sit for a meal together and have a laugh. Do whatever it is you love doing together. Whatever you love!

5. As the song says “Make someone else happy“. One of the greatest ways there is to be happy is to make someone else happy. So go for it.

6. Exercise. Exercise gets the energy, oxygen and endorphins flowing in our bodies so exercise regularly. Remind yourself how great it feels.

7. Forgive yourself for everything and everyone else. Let go of all hurts as soon as they start to become an issue. Let it go and Be Free!

Well I hope these help in some way.

May Peace continuously grow in all our lives and in our World!

Dare to Dream World Peace!

Sean M Kelly

Here’s an introductory video to “Peace One Day”

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