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For any enquiries please

Phone in Ireland 087 2494954 outside Ireland +353 87 2494954


We aim to reply within two business days.

Thanks for your interest in the services we provide.

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Linda Scott March 7, 2013 at 12:01 pm

Good this the same Sean Kelly who I just heard on youtube and left a message? My goodness..if it is ..we were meant to connect…
After years of music and prforming. I now too am a life coach, trying to inspire the world through a blog/podcast I set up this summer!!!!!!!!!
As you will read from my post, I was always always drawn to all things Irish…but had no way of explaining…this was always, even as a child, something deep within me….then I began genealogy and discovered my ancient ones were from the Munster area…average people as well as Kings of Munster…many are buried on what’ called tara hill, which I don’t believe even has anything thre anymore.
So this week…I am dedicating all things Irish…not just the average stuff Americans think of.
The plight of Irish AMerican was horrible in the 1800s…..even during the CIvil War here they were pitted against each other ondifferent sides depending on where they had settled. There are many stories of Irish Northern and Irish Southern weeping as they shot at each other…..
And for some reason which I can’t explain, I was always drawn to the Tale of Deirdre….then saw it in music from by Michale Dynna(sp?)
Anyway…I would like your permission to use your music and if there is anything you would like to share I wold most gladly and happily put it in my blog!!!!!!! I think going through tough times and surviving is part of the Irish in me….it has made me a stronger even more faithfilled woman..driven by the passion that we should honor the past, believe in the future and now that today is our day to fill with good…
I would be honored to include you in my week of Irish Tribute…I just had a thought..I don’t know what access you have…but if you could record anything…especially your voice and send it to me.oh that would be wonderful…..but anything you would like me to share…and of course, I would include your website as a link…
Take care, my Irish brother
Linda Scott (my Irish ancestors also sent family members on to Scotland and the Orkney Islands….and eventually centuries later to America!!)

inspire March 7, 2013 at 4:14 pm

Interesting connection Linda. Enjoy

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