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Why must we do what we Love?

by inspire on September 27, 2010

When we do what we love, we feel great. We feel a sense that we are honouring a deep truth that is within us. A truth that has been calling us all our lives. And all it takes to ignite this truth is to decide once and for all to do what we love.

The alternative is not so great. As the Irish Philosoper and Author, John O’Donohue (1956-2008 ) states in his book Benedictus - “It is devastating to feel trapped in a form of life where you feel utterly misplaced and all your effort is laboured; everything you do is done against the grain.” If this is how we feel it is clearly time to change.

That change often involves exploring the unfamiliar. It brings with it a new energy, a new zest for life. This energy is labelled “fear” by some, “excitement” by others. Whatever label we choose, it can influence whether we will take that step in the direction of our new life or not. No matter how we label it however, it is a loving energy which we are all very familiar with, because it held us in its arms, at the moment of our birth when we left the safe, secure and familiar surroundings of our Mothers womb into a completely unknown reality – our new life here on earth.

John O’ Donohue continues in his book by saying “When you find that you are doing what you love, what you were brought here to do, it makes for a rich and contented life. You have come into the rhythm with your longing”

These rhythmical, contented and loving feelings then go out like the perfume of a beautiful flower to touch the hearts of those who enter it’s loving space. They bring calm where there is stress. They bring relief to those who grieve. They bring inspiration to those who seek direction. And most importantly they bring love where there is hate.

Your life is unique. What you have to offer the world is unique. The love and joy you feel as you pursue your unique offerings is the great indication from the universe that you are on track. And when offer it with love, it blends into the whole like a perfectly tuned instrument, playing in harmony with the whole orchestra.

Let today be a day in which even for a few moments you answer this call, What would Love do now and let this loving action be a loving blessing to all those whose heart it touches.

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Here’s a short video of a talk I delivered recently which also touches on some of this.

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Remember the next 6 week Dare to Dream online course begins Tues September 28 2010 Click here for details

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