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How to Harmonize with Spirit

by inspire on November 16, 2010

Recently while reading a fantastic book entitled Inspiration – Your Ultimate Calling”, by the author Dr Wayne Dyer I came across the following quote: “we must shift our vibration upward so that it harmonises with Spirit, and then – and only then – will spiritually based ideas come knocking on our door”

Sometimes our lives can become so busy, so full of all sorts “noise” that there’s little chance of us harmonizing with anything never mind our Spirit! Sometimes it takes a shock to “wake” us up. We receive a phone call telling us that someone close has passed away. Or we are suddenly faced with a serious health challenge. Or a close relationship finishes. Or we lose our job. Whatever this wakeup call is there’s one thing for sure, life will never be the same after we receive it.

And there’s a second very important point here – we are now faced with a choice – do we play the victim or do we learn whatever lesson life is offering us and become the victor?

Make no mistake about it, it’s not always easy. Today I listened to an Australian Jesuit Priest, Richard Leonard, author of “Where the hell is God?”, describe how his sister was in a car accident twenty one years ago and ended up a quadriplegic (- completely paralysed from the neck down). He said that for the first three years as a quadriplegic she wanted to die, she hated her life. He now describes her as the most inspirational person he knows.

When we harmonise with Spirit we realize something great. We realize we are far more than our body, or our job, or our role within a family or community. That does not mean these roles and identities are not important of course they are but when we harmonise we Spirit we realize these are only part of a far greater existence. After reading Wayne Dyer’s quote I thought about times in my own life when I really felt connected to Spirit.

It often happens at the passing of someone close or indeed at the birth of a child. It’s like you connect with a universal force which is far greater than the individual self. You feel part of a great expanse where everything is happening in divine and perfect order. There simply is no desire whatsoever to question anything – you know that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

But is there anything we can do before “wake up calls” arise to harmonise ourselves with Spirit? I guess the answer to this is yes there’s an infinite number of ways and here’s just a few ideas.

1. Simplify Your Life – our minds can make us feel like we always have to be busy otherwise we’re not progressing in life. Well we also need time to “be”. So let go of things in your life which no longer serve you. Examine what you do weekly and ask yourself, why? Is it serving some purpose within your life or someone else’s? If not drop it and free up some time to simply “be”.

2. Yoga – yoga as you know is very popular and it’s for good reason. Try a class and notice how good you feel after it. One good yoga class and you’ll feel great!

3. Meditation – how to meditate properly is simple. Find a chair, close your eyes and listen to all the sounds you can hear. Just notice them. Then move your attention to your breathing. Slow it down and again just notice as you breath in and as you breath out. Your mind will come to rest in time. Also note that the benefits are cumulative – the more you meditate the more you will be in harmony with your Spirit. And it’s a great way to hear your inner wisdom offer solutions to life’s challenges!

4. Be of Service – find some cause or person you can serve with no need for anything in return. Know that you’ll be looked after in some other way. Give for the sake of giving.

5. Be in Nature – spend time in nature as often as possible. Observe how everything in its natural form works together in harmony – as you read this all the planets are swirling around the universe in perfect harmony, the leaves have fallen off the trees and will nourish the earth and the tides are coming in and going out. There is also a natural harmony to our lives and by spending time in nature it helps us reconnect with it.

6. Follow Your Heart – we all have dreams and we all have reasons for being on this planet. As Abraham Maslow once said “an artist must paint, a writer must write, a musician must play music if they are to be truly happy with themselves”. When you follow your heart’s desire you are connecting with your Spirit. You feel great. Life is exciting. You’re conquering old fears and doing what you love. And in the process you create a better world for all whether you realize it or not.

I’m sure we could add many other ways of harmonizing with Spirit and if you have any feel free to add your ideas in the comments section below, you never know who will benefit from them.

If you’d like to take it a step further join the next Dare to Dream online course – 9 Spiritual Lessons for Manifesting Your Dreams. Just click here.

Remember again the quotes by Wayne Dyer: “we must shift our vibration upward so that it harmonises with Spirit, and then – and only then – will spiritually based ideas come knocking on our door”

Be Inspired!
Sean M Kelly

Sean M Kelly

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