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The Truth about the Choices We Make by Lori L. Fields

by inspire on January 26, 2011

(This is a guest article by Lori L. Fields which reminds us of the inherent power we all have because we have the “Freedom to Choose”. It is quite a strong article with some strong language. Be Inspired – Seán M Kelly, The Irish Inspirational Blogger)

Jogging on the treadmill this morning at the gym, I couldn’t take my eyes off the TV. The news program was featuring the father of Christina Green, the 9 yr old girl who was killed Saturday in the Arizona shootings.

I think I’m going to THROW UP.. For real.

Watching this father describe his little girl and knowing that Christina’s mom must be in the depths of pain and despair, I can barely keep myself from having a profound reaction.

(To hear Christina’s father speak click here. Please note it is a very emotional video)

YES. This story is particularly upsetting to me because I’m a mom. But, I also believe that the biggest message in this story is: We have a choice.

This is the statement that circles continuously in my mind: We have a choice.

We have a choice
whether we choose HATE or LOVE.
whether we take someone else’s life or rehabilitate our own.
whether we live inside the darkness or journey into the light.

We have a choice
whether we surrender to FEAR or commit to the KNOWLEDGE that we are capable of MORE.
whether we lend a hand or walk on by.

We have a choice
whether we harm or heal.
whether we judge & criticize or show compassion & caring.
whether we hold onto the burning coals of anger or we learn how to forgive and let things go.

Inside our moments we are always making a choice. And inside those choices lies the power to architect our own story.

And NO: choices aren’t always simple + easy. But they are ours to make. And so we can continue on living our life justifying and rationalizing. We can continue on saying, “well, that’s just who I am. And change is really hard.” But i think that’s bullshit. Because who you’ve been up until today doesn’t dictate who you’re always going to be.

And being who you’ve always been when it no longer serves you or the world is a cop out from REALLY living your life.

Today I’m calling you on your bullshit. WHY? Because I’m calling myself on mine too. Because I will no longer make excuses for why I can’t be my BIGGEST self. I will no longer cling to old ways of thinking and being that sabotage my abilities to harness my power. I will see fear and anger and darkness as opportunities for healing and enlightenment. I’m choosing self-realization, examining the hard stuff, living inside generosity and striving for mastery.

Because if we’re going to change ourselves and live our most purpose driven life then we BEST start by examining the hard truth about the choices we make.

And if nothing else inspires you to change, then live your life today for Christina Green, a little girl who no longer gets to dream, a little girl who no longer gets to be the woman she wanted to be.

(This post is dedicated to all the little girls with big heart and big dreams.)

with real beauty,
Lori Fields, LCSW

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