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How to Be Abundant & Love Yourself

by inspire on September 25, 2010

Believe in Your DreamAs many of you know I’ve gone on quite a few business and personal development courses over the years. Some have been worthwhile and some not so worthwhile.

However one very common underlying message on many such courses, and in many books and from many speakers is – “you’re not there yet. I am, so buy my product. Oh and by the way … there’s only a few left!!!”.

What does such a message really reflect? It means that our state of consicousness is one of “lack”. And in truth no matter what we buy from whom we will always feel there is something “missing” until we address the real issue – our state of consciousness.

So let’s suspend our disbelief for a few moments and explore this.

Take in a slow deep breath. Imagine for 3 minutes, just 3 minutes that you are pure, perfect and complete. Nothing needs to be added and nothing needs to be taken away.

Take in a deep breath and as you breath out say to yourself “I am pure”. Take another deep breath and as you breath out say “I am perfect”. Take a third deep breath and as you breath out say “I am complete”.

Keep doing this for a few moments. To finish bring your awareness to your heart area, breath in and tell yourself at least three times, in a beautiful tone of voice:

“I Love You”

Feel unconditional love for yourself.

Ok did you give it a go. If not go back and do it! It will help.

Ok how does it make you feel? Do you feel even a little more calm inside? A little more at peace with yourself? Wouldn’t it be worth nourishing and cultivating on a regular basis. How about for 6 weeks?

As many of you know the Dare to Dream course which I offer begins from such a state of consiousness – “Be Still and  Dream”. Let your dreams be born from a state of consciousness of Love and Completion. You don’t need to add anything to yourself, you just need to tune into that part of yourself that already knows – you are pure, perfect and complete. And it also knows, that anything is possible! When your dreams are born in such an abundant and loving space they can positively touch many peoples lives.

The next online Dare to Dream course begins on Tuesday Sept 28. The course is offered for just €49 (about $65) and it aims to keep your state of consciousness high and abundant for the six weeks of its duration and beyond.

Here’s a link for more details and registration:

May You Continuously Realise Your Own Abundance and Beauty …

Sean M Kelly

PS: What ways have you got of being abundant? Enter your thoughts in the comments below. If they help you they may also help others. Dare to Share!

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