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How to Be Happy!

by inspire on June 4, 2008

HappyAs I look out the window I see two magpipes – two for joy! Does this mean happiness is outside me or is it because I’m thinking happy thoughts that I attract two magpipes? Well I guess this is one of the big questions in life – is happiness within or is it without?

Many of us have searched and searched outside of ourselves to find happiness – looking for that ‘right’ relationship, accumulating stuff, seeking approval from others, never ending pursuit of more money, getting the ideal job or some other external pursuit that promises us happiness in some far off date. Albeit that there are practical needs to address in our lives, if we allow them to consume us we soon end up shattered! Have you ever found lasting happiness outside yourself?

Last night as I watched my six year old daughter and her friends playing chasing and having a fantastic time,  I thought how great it is that they can be so fully present in life, totally enjoying it all in the moment. They don’t need to analyse anything they simply play and be themselves.

Think about your own life and recall times when you were truly happy, full of vitality and enjoying life. What was going on inside you? Did you feel you lacked anything? Did you think life isent perfect yet? Or did you simply choose to “Be Happy”!

Once we let go of the need that anything outside ourselves needs to change inorder to be happy we can realise true happiness. Happiness is not in our past and it is not in our future, it is here and now. You do not have to go anywhere else, be with anyone else or do anything else. Simply choose to tune into your true nature that of being happy, just like children playing. Why not explore this for yourself, even if only for today.

Let go of any need to change or judge anything today.  Let go of any need to have a reason to be happy. Simply take a wonderful breath of life and choose happiness. Feel it within. Allow this feeling to grow inside you and enjoy it all. Being happy really involves very little effort, its staying miserable that uses huge amounts of energy – thinking and holding on to negative and limiting thoughts and emotions. Let them go and Be Happy! Then go about your day and notice when you choose to be happy the quality of your day greatly improves. As you continue to be happy it continues to build and real magic begins to happen!

Be Happy, I dare you!

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Sean M Kelly

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Sally Winter June 4, 2008 at 2:22 pm

Dear Sean, Thank you so much for staying in contact with Dave and I over the years.When we met you several years ago and went with you to the Kennedy Castle, and later to Leslie castle,we have felt so fortunate to be your friend.We are living our dream out at last, we are moving to Maui,Hawaii in July.My son is now being cared for by a team of people and I am free to move now after 27 years.We think of you often and we will for sure make another trip to Ireland.If you could ever get to
Hawaii we could help you set up a conference,play music and there are many wonderful warm beaches to practice yoga. We would love for you to come. We will stay in touch always,we were just
playing your CD in the car this weekend.
All of the songs and your message are my favorite. In Peace, Sally

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