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Why must we do what we love?

by inspire on August 20, 2010

You know sometimes I think there is a huge responsibility on all of us who have been given so much, to make sure we use it to benefit the world as best we can. There are many who have far far less than ourselves and indeed many whom if we offered would love our help in some way.

Sometimes that help simply means doing what we love and being who we love to be. After all is there a greater gift we can give to the world than being our true and authentic selves? When we are connected with this place of love within ourselves we touch people in ways far beyond the power of language, far beyond the limitations of our physical existence, perhaps even far beyond our imagination.
What must we do? We must face the truth about ourselves, honour what we love and in the face
of any fear have the courage to share it with others for the benefit of all.

This morning I bagpiped for a young man (early 40′s) who had been very challenged by alcoholism. He had been a very talented artist who for whatever reason struggled with some of life’s challenges. His struggles grew as he tried to free himself from his  addiction living in various institutions but he didn’t succeed. He ended up homeless. While homeless his life came to an end, suddenly and tragically in a fire.

Some of the people who came to the funeral also struggled with various addictions and even had to come from various  rehabilitation institutions to say goodbye to their friend.

As the curtains were drawn for the last time in this mans life, I started to play a lament on the bagpipes. In those moments as I played I sensed a stillness, a presence, an all encompassing divine chrysalis. Almost as if the music was coming from somewhere else. No matter what I’ve done in my life very little comes close to these moments of divine connection.

Over the years the reason why I encourage people to follow their dreams is not about what we accumulate or how great it makes us look but because when we honour our truth and use it to help others, particularly in their time of need, we experience moments where we resonate with the very pulse of universal existence. This resonance then creates an amplified wave of love which, as I say, touch people in ways we could never even imagine.

After the service finished I waited outside and those present were very thankful to me. In particular what touched me very much was a homeless man who was one of a few homeless men who had come to the funeral. With his battered and worn out face, yet with eyes which portrayed his soul, he came over and simply said:
“Thank you that was beautiful”

Do what you love! The World Needs it”
Carpe Diem!
Sean M Kelly

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Sean M Kelly

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