Did Hitler go to heaven? Day 38 of 40 online pilgrimage

by inspire on December 21, 2009

Did Hitler go to heaven? This is the question that day 38 of the 40 day Irish Inner Peace Pilgrimage asks. To explore it further watch the video. There is also some written reflection on it which you can read once your sign up for all 40 days of the pilgrimage. Sign up on the right side bar of this page.  Any comments click on “continue reading” below and leave them there. Enjoy!

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Roib McElroy June 30, 2010 at 1:24 pm

Thank you, Sean ,for this reallly moving video and conveying of the story of the Concentration Camp survivor and the book and indeed one could say sermon! I am going to play it again. I think the location was very apt and added to it!

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