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How to Live All Your Days

by inspire on February 11, 2008

The secret to happiness is not in doing what one likes to do, but in liking what one has to do.
       - Anonymous

I remember in the early nineties delivering a course entitled “Advanced Unix Facilities”, even the title would make you go “ahhhhhhhhhh! No please anything but that!!!” Pretty much every second Monday morning I’d arrive in beautiful Old Windsor, England to deliver the course. The course was five days long and I mean LONGGGGGGGGG! The course manual was absolutely terrible – it hadn’t even been run through a spell checker. So you’d have all these techies spotting every spelling mistake and other error in the manual and giving out to me about it for five days. Also so little was known about unix at the time it was a real learn as you go experience.

On these Monday mornings my thoughts would revolve around – why do I have to deliver this f…in course? Why me? This is the worst course to deliver! I’m sure one of the other trainers could have delivered it this week!

After a couple of months of delivering this course I realised something – this is my life! Whether I like it or not, this is where I am for the next five days. Its absolutely up to me to decide whether I’ll enjoy this week or not. Even while delivering this course it must be possible to have a good time, it must?

Pretty much immediately after changing my mindset/attitude and focussing on enjoyment rather than pain there was a shift in a positive direction. Were there still challenges on the course, still mispelt words – absolutely. But with the change of mind I was able to address issues before they arose, help course participants see a funny side to mispelt words, yet keep the focus on what was really important for them to learn. A few months later I was able to deliver the course without even using the manual and consistenly achieve a very high mark on the course appraisals.

So how’s your day going? Whats your attitude like? Here’s three tips to help you have a positive week:

1. Make a decision to Enjoy Today – realise that no matter what you’re doing or where you are there are opportunities to learn something new and to enjoy yourself.

2. Take time to quiet your mind and appreciate - its a beautiful morning here in Ireland and I hope it is wherever you are too. Invest some time sitting or walking in the outdoors whenever you can today. Allow your mind to be fully present and find at least three simply things to appreciate – the smell of the sea, the sound of peoples laughter, a bird singing, the beautiful light from the sun or whatever you’re inspired to appreciate. Absolutely let go of any need to fix anything, simply “be”.

3. You’re Greatness – invest a few moments thinking about three things you really love about yourself – talents, patience, persistence, the family you nourish, the work you do, the smile you share with others, your willingness to serve – whatever it is for you. Write them down – in your mobile phone, your diary or somewhere you’ll see them this week.

As Jonathan Swift said: “May You Live All the days of your life”

Create a Great Week

Sean M Kelly

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