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How to re-awaken your dreams by Sean M Kelly

by inspire on February 22, 2012

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Isn’t it amazing when we stop and listen to the callings of our heart how we are guided to follow what’s truly important for us in our lives. Not only what is truly important but what connects us with the greatest joy and passion within us. And when we connect with this joy and passion we send out an invisible loving energy to the universe which can touch people in the most deep and meaningful ways.

You see the universe of which we are a part has an infinite orchestrating intelligence and is always offering us guidance to follow our heart. This intelligence works in mysterious ways. Ways in which we may not understand with our rational mind but can feel in our hearts. One question we could ask is why so many of us don’t notice, listen and/or act on this universal heart felt guidance?

One thing that stops us is “fear”. Fear of what? Well actually it’s like Nelson Mandela/Marianne Williamson said in their famous quote “It’s our light not our darkness that most frightens us.” So we end up creating very busy lives so full of noise that we don’t even notice the universal guidance that’s been offered us. In fact you may even find that you want to read this post as quick as possible to get on with whatever is next on your agenda. I encourage you to come into stillness and ask what message you are being offered right now? The universe is always sending us messages. We just need to listen.

Sometimes it’s not until life offers us some “wakeup call” that we are shaken into awareness. Even then sometimes we resist it but these wake up calls which can be painful are in the bigger picture the universal “blessings in disguise“. The following story is how such a wake up call brought one person back to their true passion and I mean this guys has deep passion!

A number of weeks ago I was walking in our village of Greystones, Co Wicklow, Ireland. I saw a poster for a forthcoming performance by a Pat Coldrick, Classical and Flamenco Guitar in a cafe called Hotspot. I wondered who he was? As I play a lot of guitar myself I’d never heard of this guy. However this was the first sign from the unvierse to me. Even with that I thought “maybe” I’ll go.

Each time I walked past Hotspot I noticed the poster and it resonated with me, but I still wasent definet I’d go. Then the Monday before  the performance I heard a guitarist performing on national radio and you’ve guessed it, it was Pat Coldrick again. Another very strong sign from the universe. However believe it or not I still didn’t commit to going but was definetly more interested especially when I heard him play his version of Classical Gas (a tune which I’ve being trying to perfect since I was 19 – I’m now 47!).

Of course I had to go – if I hadn’t listened and acted upon this universal guidance you wouldn’t be reading this remember. Anyway. I got to the performance about 8.30pm and he was already performing. It was a lovely intimate setting in the Hotspot cafe, it was like listening to someone perform in your sitting room – excellent!

Well believe it or not Pat just finished one tune when I got in and the next tune he performed was, yes, Classical Gas! What a performance! Fantastic!

Pat Coldrick

The whole evening was incredible. One fantastic performance from start to finish for I believe over three hours. I and, I’m sure many others, were brought to a place of timelessness, a place of total inspiration and a place of deep inner joy. As I watched Pat perform I was brought back to days in my teens being mesmerised by a guitar teacher I had, Eddie Keogh, as he performed classical pieces. It was a truly magical evening thanks to Pat Coldrick.

In between his performances Pat told stories about his life, the following one resonated deeply with me.

Hard as it is to believe, Pat had stopped following his passion of playing guitar for 25 years! His life had got busy and his passionate dreams were left back in his youth. He set up a business which boomed when the economy was flying here in Ireland. Then like many others business just stopped over night and he was left with nothing (or at least very little).

One day he thought about a lady he had known many years before. He had not been in contact with this lady for many years and felt like reconnecting. Even though he hadn’t played guitar for 25 years he did remember that she knew how important it was to him. So he set about finding her. Eventually he did.

He found her on a website for people who were deceased – she had passed away – “Ar deis de, go raibh a anam” (an old Irish saying mearing- May her Soul be on the right side of God.

Even though I’m sure it was a shock for Pat when he heard the news of  this lady’s passing he menitoned how it also awakened him to get back to doing what he really loves – playing guitar. He started to play again and I can assure you his playing is a great gift to the world!

One day while thinking about his friend who had passed away he sat down and wrote a piece of music which he felt was the Spirit of this lady coming through him. The piece flowed into creation. And what a beautiful piece it is. It is simply called “Lament”. And we’re so lucky that Pat also created a video to go with the piece which you can enjoy below.

As you watch and listen think about your own dreams, your own passions, your own joys. Do they need re-awakening? Do they need more nourishment? Do you need to follow your heart more and act upon the guidance you’re receiving from the universe. Remember it does take courage, so be brave and take a step in that direction. Like Pat you have talents, you have gifts, you have passions which will touch people and help people in the most amazing ways! Dare to Dream!

You can buy Pat’s album at

Sean M Kelly,
Musician, Author, Trainer/Coach, Inspirational Speaker

PS: Remember if you’d to take a step in the direction of your dreams click on the image below:

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Joan Doyle February 22, 2012 at 2:26 pm

Hi Sean, I love your website and message. I am compiling stories of how Spirit talks to people in their lives and how we can listen. I would love to include a story from you – details are on my website. I’m Irish living in Los Angeles and I feel very passionately about living your dream because I know it’s what we were born to do. No more living lives of quiet desperation!
I would love to hear from you.

inspire February 22, 2012 at 4:06 pm

Hi Joan

Thanks for your comment much appreciated. Yes I’d love to contribute to your website. I’ll send you an email. Here’s a link to another Be Inspired blog post with video which you may enjoy!

Best wishes

Chanel Neal February 22, 2012 at 5:07 pm

My husband and I were fortunate enough to meet Pat in March 2011; in St. Augustine, Florida. Sean and I were planning a St. Patricks day wedding and Pat was playing at the Raintree Resturant for the Celtic Music and Arts Festival that week.

Sean and I both play the guitar. The first time I heard my husband play; he was practicing Asturias by Isaac Albeniz. I was pretty much in love with him ever since. He taught me how to play and for years, we have both been trying to master that song.

It’s funny that you walked into the Hotspot just as Pat began playing your favorite tune; because that is exactly what happened to us. We had already seen Pat’s performance of his original piece, “Lament” online & when we saw that he was going to be playing at the Raintree we had to go. When we were seated; Pat was just finishing a song and then began playing our coveted Asturias!

Simply put his performance was breath taking. You can feel the emotion Pat puts into it.. As soon as I could, I went up to him and bought a CD taking the opportunity to meet him & request he play Asturias again. He grinned and spoke in a fun Irish accent, “Perhaps the first part… that’s the best.” giving me a quick wink, he indulged me.

Sean and I were married the following day and we were fortunate to bump into Pat at Meehan’s Irish Pub after our reception that evening. We had a fantastic time chatting with him about music and the history you write about in your article. The lovely evening was coming to a close and Pat took off the red tie he was wearing; (I realized it was the same red cravat he wears in his video ‘Lament’) he grabbed a marker and wrote a message, “May your life bring you love and joy.” signed, “xxx Pat Coldrick” then he handed it to Sean and I. We love his gift and the genuine spirt he brings to his music. His story and his heart are a true inspiration. He has life long friends/fans in Sean and I & the classical community is lucky to have him. Thank you for writing a story on this brilliant musician. :)

-Chanel & Sean Neal

inspire February 22, 2012 at 8:36 pm

Hi Chanel, what a wonderful story! Thanks a million for sharing it and a BIG CONGRATS for mastering Asturias – I’m still working on it myself!

It was one fantastic evening at Pat’s performance, I’m so glad I made it. Really inspirational and as you say in your comment so genuine and passionate!

How are things in sunny Florida?

Thanks again

Matthew Gilsenan August 5, 2012 at 7:11 pm

Thirty-five years ago I was still just about young enough to be ambitious Irish Tenor. Pat was just 17 & lived in a neighbouring town. We played a few concerts together and inevitably we lost touch. My ambition was “quenched” here in Ireland, but I made friends in Scottsdale Arizona and sang several concerts with the Scottsdale Symphony. After years of wondering about Pat I decided to Google him…..and WOW…!! I’ll be attending his next concert in our National Concert Hall. I am now 75 and still singing. Like Pat I was untrained, so I tell people I’m going to keep at it until I get it right…..!!!

inspire January 22, 2013 at 10:26 am

Hi Matthew,

Amazing story and I’d love to hear your singing? Do you have a video on the internet?

Best wishes

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