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If today was your last day …

by inspire on January 21, 2010

In these days when hundreds of thousands die in a moment of time in Haiti leaving hundreds of thousands more to suffer through incredible hardship, what are we doing in Ireland?

In Ireland those who get paid loads as traffic controllers (I believe over €100,000 plus a huge pension contribution)decided to go on strike and close all airports in the country yesterday. Those on the other side sitting on their beds of nails just keep repeating the mantra – “We’re RIGHT and they’re WRONG”!!!

Those who made the biggest mistakes in the financial history of Ireland are gone to pastures greener to figure out how to spend all the money they’ve been rewarded with as pensions. While the bailed out institutions they’ve left behind  seek out the “small person/family” who made small mistakes but will be punished in BIG ways, some even losing their homes!

Others who were supposed to regulate it all sneaked out  the backdoor and now have to face the daily grind of regulating how much of their vast pensions they’ll spend each day! But they’re in good company with those who managed the creation of jobs, who used the same door to sneak out of,  as they have a lot of experience of flying first class, staying in the worlds best hotels and spending thousands of euro for a meal with friends (all legitimate expenses of course!)

And you may be wondering what the politicians of the country are doing? It’s obvious? They’re arguing about how to fill up pot holes after the recent snow! I suppose its not that surprising really when their old leader, who created the boom but not the bust, and who created much of his own substantial wealth “backing horses” is going from book shop to book shop ready to sign his book and plead with everyone that “it wasent my fault, please love me, I’m a socialist, I’m a people person”!!!

I will admit this isent the usual tone of my blog articles but right now its how I feel. I believe they’re has to be a better way! A way that will be carved out by those who truly value what is important in this life – love for one another, compassion, generosity, kindnesss, integrity, honesty, truth, loyalty, cheerfulness, our childrens lives and education and whatever other values you feel are truly important, values which ensure that as we all sleep at night we know the world is a better place because we have lived!

Most of us cannot fly over to Haiti to help out and its great that so many have of course, but we can make sure that today wherever we are, whatever we’re doing, with whoever we’re with  that someones life has been better because we have lived to truthfully serve!

Well I came across this great video today and its brilliant! Its a band called Nichelback and a track called “If today was your last day” (Hey if you have anything you’d like to add to this article just click on “continue reading” below.)

 Enjoy! Sean M Kelly, Be Inspired!

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