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Inspirational Poetry by Roibeard McElroy, Guest Author

by inspire on May 12, 2010

Here are two poems from a fantastic Irish poet called Roibeard Mc Elroy. The first poem “Bel’s fires” celebrates ‘Bealtaine’ or May day and the second poem celebrates the beauty of the bee. Two brilliantly written poems. Roibeard writes many poems, prose and musings about places he visits in Ireland.  To see more of his work go to his blogs at

“Bel’s fires”:

Bel’s fires were pure penitents
in the season of festivals
Bel’s fires were pure penitents
in the harvest of restive tribals
Bel’s fires were sylvan towers
to light the pilgrim’s paths
Bel’s fires were blushing bowers
the Gael’s redemptive baths
Bels’ blazes were spectral spires
summer’s seed a-living oasis
Bealtaine’s blazes were fertile pyres
in the offerings of Celtic gnosis
Bel’s fires were spirit guides
where nature’s cycle is clannish
Mayday burned as reaping scythes
in the corn, Spring’s shadows banish
Bel’s fires pruned ploughshares
love dancing their season’s change!
Bel’s fires sparkled as a new dawn
capping mystery’s mountain range
Bel’s blazes were souls sun drawn
as Messengers of new ages
Bealtaine’s flames the great freeborn
Oh mirth! Summertime now rages!!

Happy Bealtaine/Mayday, my friends!


“The Swan song of the bee?”:

The beauty of the bee
is the output of its hive
as a shepherd of all botany
in craftmanship it does strive!
The heart song of its litany
augments the genus alive;
artist o’ nature’s epiphany
in labyrinths builds its destiny -
the comb & wax, in sharing thrive!

Sweet Ambrosia and Nectar
pollinating bud, petal, blossom;
in cell-like choirs, the elector,
of biology – sweet apple blossom!
Like a pure prospector
in the harvest of golden honey
with goddess/ queen, cosmic connector,
of sweet fruits, climes sunny!
Oh noble bee benevolent
a servant of its craft
where man is vexed malevolent
oft groomed the scion to its graft!

Oh great bee of the pyramid
the pyramid of the Helix:
in the flora, shrub, once amid,
the rose bush, the blooming matrix,
where now art thou hid?
Yet again man’s monstrous machine
your sweet honeycomb undid;
who’ll carve the replica and figurine
if another species has been….?

Again to read more of  Roibeard’s work go to his blogs at:


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inspire June 14, 2010 at 9:16 am

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