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Be Inspired Top 5 Inspirational People of 2010

by inspire on December 16, 2010

Who really inspired you in 2010? Who went the extra mile to give you a great service or sell you a great product? Who created moments for you that you will remember for a long time to come?

I was thinking about who these people were for me earlier in the week and five people (and their businesses) really stood out for me. In no specific order here are those people:

1. Richard Cullen – Action Business Coach, Dublin, Ireland

I recently read that a coach is someone who asks you questions you don’t want to answer or think about but need to be addressed. Richard is one of these top class business coaches and has helped me greatly in 2010.

Most weeks Richard calls me for a telephone business coaching session which makes me focus on how my business is going. Over the past few years I’ve focussed my energies on learning how to do business on the internet. I can assure you many, many hours have been put into learning how to build lists, SEO, build relationships online, Social Media, sell products and services. I remember this time last year after a whole year of research there was very little to show and to be honest it was quite frustrating!

And this is where Richard has helped me most. Not all the theory and practice, albeit that these are important but the fact that he has stood beside me and believed in me. To be honest his dedication has been truly remarkable. This is why I’ve chosen Richard Cullen as one of my top inspirational people in 2010.

At the end of this year I can say that I’m in a lot stronger position with online business than ever before – I’ve run a number of online courses, sold products and services and established relationships with many people online. Without Richard’s help I know I would not be in such a strong position. Here’s one of Richard’s videos:

To find out more about Business Coaching with Richard click here

2. Adam Kelly – Zest Personal Training and Fitness Studio, Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

You may have read one of Adam’s articles on this blog a few months back, the one about snow boarding down Mont Blanc (click here if you’d like to read it). Like Richard I’ve known Adam for a number of years particularly for his Personal Training Business, and we’re in the same triathlon club, Wicklow Triathlon Club.

You may also remember an article about me participating in an Ironman Triathlon in 2011. Well Adam was the first person/business to offer his sponsorship by training me physically to prepare for the Ironman – over the past few months I’ve been doing spinning and core classes with Adam and I can say they’ve been fantastic! I have really felt my strength and vitality improve a lot and not only that I’ve been inspired by Adam’s generiosity and dedication to improving his clients fitness, health and vitality!

Adam also helped, together with Owen from (the second sponsor for my Ironman event) by providing me with a pair of vibram running shoes. are one of the distributors in Ireland.

Adam with his business have for sure gone the extra mile and for that I have chosen him as one of my top inspirational people of 2010!

To find out how you can benefit from Adam and Zest click here

3. Patricia Connery and Liz O’Riordan – Redford Park School of Music, Greystones, Co Wicklow, Ireland

Patricia and Liz have been running a school of music from their home in Greytones for a number of years now. They teach from the very young to the very old. Being a musician myself I absolutely admire their dedication to their music and especially how they are sharing it with others through their classes. My own four children have been going their for a number of years now and have all benefitted greatly from their lessons. In fact I’ve recommended the school to a number of other parents I know. The other day my kids had their Christmas performance at the school and if you’re a parent you know how much that can touch your heart! It was truly wonderful.

Even while we had the recent snow in Ireland Patricia and Liz were still open for lessons for anyone who could make it there. Their dedication to teaching their art is I believe second to none and for that reason I’ve chosen them as two of my top inspirational people of 2010.

Patricia and Liz are giving two concerts over Christmas – 6 Jan Nollaig na Mban in the Happy Pear Greystones at 7pm, admission is Free and in Christchurch Cathedral, Dublin on 8th Jan at 1.15.

To contact Patricia or Liz about their music click here.

4. Max Leone – Conscious Living Dublin

I first met Max in January of 2010 when he invited me to deliver a Dare to Dream talk and music at one of his evening events in Dublin. Max is a person with real passion for helping to raise peoples consciousness and inspiring them to realise more of their potential.

Every two weeks Max invites a speaker to come to one of his events to share their expertise in the area of personal, professional and indeed spiritual development. He promotes the events through his website and through facebook. Earlier this year his facebook account actually got deleted with all the contacts he had made. So what did Max do, he rebuilt it again! And if you’d like to read his daily messages connect with him on facebook by clicking here.

His passion from what I can see is in helping people learn a lot more about themselves through many different experts who speak at his events. He is totally dedicated to get positive messages out to the world and again even during severe weather Max believes the show must go on!”

To contact Max Leone or the Conscious Living Dublin group click here

5. Mary Byrne, X Factor top contestant from Ireland

Well Mary hardly needs any introduction, she was a fantastic contestant on the X-factor. An absolutely powerful singer and performer, Mary Byrne is undoubtedly someone who never gave up on her dream to sing – she Dare’d to Dream at 50 and has done fantastic! Totally fantastic! And that is why I’ve chosen Mary as one of my top inspirational people of 2010.

To contact Mary, try Tesco’s in Ballyfermot Dublin, she used to work there or give Simon Cowell a call!!!

Who are the people who inspired you the most in 2010. What we all need is to be reminded of what’s good and great in the world and most particularly in the people who touch our lives. So make a decision to honour those people who have helped and inspired you in 2010. And do it this week!

Be Inspired!
Sean M Kelly

Sean M Kelly

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