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Let Love Guide Your Way by Seán M Kelly

by inspire on February 11, 2011

The world is changing and it’s changing fast. Many peoples lives are being shaken to the core whether it’s through the death of someone close, a serious health challenge, a relationship challenge, financial challenges, business or career challenges. And not only are individuals facing these challenges but whole countries are.

Look at what is happening in Egypt right now and what happened in Tunisia very recently. Look at what is happening in my own country Ireland – economically we are being rocked to the core. And there are many other countries in the world who are facing such challenges. So what can we do?

We can fight these challenges in the same “old ways” and create more struggle or we can let go of the “old ways”, face up to what needs to be faced up too, decide to be motivated by love and live our lives for the benefit of others.

You see irrespective of our old self centered opinions, which we all have, the days of operating in this world where our only motivation is to “look after number one”, namely ourselves and our bank accounts and maybe a few close family and friends are coming to an end. The days of operating in this world where are behaviour is based on beliefs in scarcity, ruthless competition, fear, greed, insecurity, revenge, manipulation or hate are passed their sell by date! Just like a few hundred years ago when we all woke up to the fact that the world was round and not flat we are now being woken up to fact that we are all connected like the branches of a great oak tree and we must learn (or perhaps relearn) to live in harmony with each other and with all of nature.

It may be difficult to realise this when all around us seems to be falling apart but “Hold On!” Hold on to the fact that you are special. Why? Because you have been given the  greatest gift of all – the Gift of Life!

Your life has a purpose, maybe many purposes. You may not have realised it yet but it has. You have talents and gifts. Talents and gifts which you love to be working on. And it is this love that is your greatest indication of what paths you must pursue. Then use these talents and gifts, whatever they may be to serve a need in society. You may not become famous. You may not get paid loads. You may not get any recognition at all. But you will be motivated by the greatest motivator of all and that is “Love”. And you will be at peace with yourself and others. So “Hold On!”

Hold on to what’s truly important in your life – whom and what you love, joy, fun, loyalty, trust, kindness, courage, a sense of prosperity and abundance – let’s be honest no matter how “bad” we perceive things to be times are a lot better now than they were for previous generations whose shoulders we stand upon.

Hold on and let today be a day in which you let those you love know you love them. Let today be a day that you notice what is beautiful in your life. Let today be a day in which you notice what is beautiful within yourself.  Hold on to what’s truly important in your life.

Remember life is a mystery. We don’t have to figure it all out. No matter how stormy the sea’s are there is a place deep down where there is stillness and peace. Take time every day to connect with it. This love and inner peace is with you always. It is closer than the very words you are reading.

Take a deep breath and breath out slowly. As you do let your mind come to rest. Let go of all judgement and blame. Let go of all attachment to the way things used to be or the way you think they should be. Imagine, just for one moment, that everything is in divine and perfect order. Imagine even though we may not understand it yet, all is well.

Breath deeply. Let go and Trust!

Let Love Guide Your Way! Ask yourself “What would Love do now?”

Please note if you’d like to listen to a recording of this article read by Seán just click the arrow below:

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Be Inspired!
Seán M Kelly
The Irish Inspirational Blogger

Sean M Kelly

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