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Keep Moving Forward

by inspire on July 23, 2007

Last monday I was sitting in my Mums having a cup of tea and a chat. There had been a few challenges I’d been facing in my business, the sort of challenge you wish would disappear and everything would be like it was before. I had been having a go at all the postive thinking stuff – thoughts, visualising and so on but still felt overwhelmed and had no idea how I could sort it out. As I was about to leave there was a knock on the door.

My nephew answered and I could hear a lady at the door asking for my mum. Then she said “oh I’ll call back, your Nanny has someone with her”. I saw her and of course knew her – she was a neighbour whose son was one of my best friends. I invited her into the kitchen where my Mum was.  ”Will you have a cup of tea” I asked. “No thanks” she said in a cheerful bright tone “but I’ll have a glass of water, thanks”. She sat down and began to chat to my Mum.

Now let me tell you about Sarah (not her real name). Well about thirty five years ago she got breast cancer. She was taken into hospital and her kids were brought home from school as they thought she hadn’t long to live. With whatever treatment they had back then and obviously an absolute determination to live and bring up her six kids, she survived. Now in her seventies she got cancer again and has just finished the chemotherapy treatment. While going through chemotherapy she also developed a problem with her lymph system and is currently undergoing treatment for that.

Well this amazing lady sat at the end of my Mums kitchen table smiling, laughing and cheering us up with her humourous stories of bandages and treatments and every now and again affirming “oh but you’ve got to face the problem and keep moving forward! She also told us that when she’s fully recovered in the new year,  she’s going to go to visit one of her daughters who lives in California (Sarah lives in Ireland).

I sat, listened, laughed and felt really grateful for this amazing womens arrival. Her messages were exactly what I needed to hear. And of course it put my own challenges back into perspective – if this lady who has faced so many life threatening challenges could be so happy, cheerful and inspirational it was time to face up to my own far lesser challenges and move forward.

She went on to tell us that her hair is beginning to grow back but she would have to wear the wig for another while. My Mum and I both said “we didn’t even notice it”, which we didn’t. “I’ll tell you what” she said “I’ve saved a fortune though … because I havent had to go to the hair dresser since before Christmas!”


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Cleo Sanda-Fuga March 27, 2010 at 4:24 am

I’m just now seeing this story for the first time…. and for such an inpiration, it was also a delight to laugh out loud at the end!

God I pray I get to foster such a great attitude as this woman! What a leader of the human spirit she is… such fortitude and wit, what a powerhouse of a combination!

Thank you, as always, Sean!


Sean March 28, 2010 at 6:06 pm

Hi Cleo

Yes this lady is great and she’s still going strong which is fantastic. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for adding your inspirational comment. Much appreciated.

Best wishes

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