Learn to Be Still – Day 10 Irish Inner Peace Pilgrimage

by inspire on October 2, 2009

“Let us be silent that we may hear the whispers of God” – R. W. Emerson

The next three lessons all deal with choosing to take time in your day to be still and it’s best if you read and watch them at a time and place where you’ll be undisturbed. 

Here’s a simple way to be still by meditating on your breathing:

1. Sit in a comfortable position

2. Bring your awareness to your breathing

3. Keep your awareness on your breathing for at least 3 minutes
(ideally work up to 15 minutes but it’s better to turn it into a daily habit by doing it for short periods and then extending the period once you’ve established the habit)

If your attention drifts onto other thoughts gently bring it back to your breathing. In time your mind will quiet and you will enter a beautiful space of stillness. Sit without any expectation or desire for results. Please also note if your mind is restless that’s perfectly normal particularly if you live a busy life.

Make a commitment to yourself to do this every day for 10 days. It’s best done in the morning time when you first get up. It enables you to tune into the day in a nice gentle way.

Sometimes we look for the most complicated esoteric way of meditating. This can often be a way of distracting ourselves from meditating at all. In my experience and after teaching meditation and relaxation to many people the greatest challenge people have is not how to meditate but choosing to take the time to meditate in any form! So keep it simple and keep it short. Goal number one is to  create a daily meditation habit.

And here’s a video which will also help. Remember day 11 and day 12 of the inner peace pilgrimage will also help you in this area.

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