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Life’s worth fighting for …

by inspire on October 30, 2007

I recently heard about a man who is terminally ill. This mans name is Peter. He is 42. Until he was 38 he was in perfect health. I know his sister because her kids go to the same school as mine. Last May all her family gathered to say goodbye to Peter. Peter was dying from cancer and only had  a couple of days left.

Now almost six months later I enquired about Peter and guess what – he’s still alive! His sister told me “it’s amazing. He’s still alive even though medically he should be dead. He keeps setting himself goals to achieve and that helps him stay positive.”

I thought it might be great to talk to Peter about his philosophy for living. So I phoned him and had a great chat. He spoke honestly and openly about his life challenges and how he percieves the whole experience. Here’s some of the wisdom he shared:

  • Live in the Now – He feels he’s the least stressed among all his friends – he no longer worries about the future and lives far more in the present. Although he did say its important to have a game plan for the future. Most importantly he said “we should not mortgage our present for a future which may never happen”. Bottomline – the only time to live is now
  • Tell them how much  you love them – “I’ve met all my family, friends and other people important to me. I’ve told them about my situation and made sure there is nothing important left unsaid”, Peter told me.
  • Get organised and Simplify - get practical issues sorted. Know that if you were to die today practical issues like your will, finances, assets, etc are sorted. When you know everything is organised it releases any stress assoicated with not having them done and so you have more energy to live in the now.
  • Set yourself positive goals – “I want to do what I can before it’s too late.”, Peter told me. “So I set myself goals. Since last May when I nearly died I’ve travelled in Eastern Europe, went to France for the Ireland vs France rugby match and I’m planning to go to South Africa in a couple of weeks. It really helps if you have something to look forward too.” Its also quite amazing when you consider Peter has to take morphine daily, is four stone lighter than he should be and many of his internal organs don’t even work!
  • In tune with nature – “I’ve found that I’m far more in tune with nature since I’ve got ill. I notice the seasons changing. I notice the beautiful light from the sun, just like now. There is so much beauty to notice”

Not long after having the conversation with Peter I realised everything he mentioned could be applied to all our lives – live in the now, be organised and simplify, treat everyone as if its your last meeting with them, set yourself goals and be in tune with nature. Of course many of us live in fear of the future, don’t make our will, take it for granted that we will meet those close to us again and again, live our lives without true a true direction and feel nature moves far too slow!

Let’s decide to do at least one of the things Peter mentions – live in the now, tell someone how much you love them, get organised and simplify, set a positive goal or be more in tune with nature.

Will this take courage? Yes. Will it take commitment? Yes. Will it be FREEING? Yes! Yes! Yes!

While speaking with Peter I asked him could I interview him for a podcast to share his wisdom and help others and he agreed. The great news is I’ve recorded the interview and am currently editing it and the aim is to release it in the next week or so. If you register for the weekly email or RSS feed you will be kept informed and can listen for yourself.

Given that a lot of Peters internal organs aren’t even working and medically he shouldn’t even be alive, the fact that he is alive, is a great testament to the power of the human Spirit, in particular Peter’s Spirit. When asking him about this Peter turned to me and said

“I think Life’s worth fighting for”

May Your Most Fulfilling Dreams come true

Sean M.

PS: Do you ever wonder about your Life and its purpose? Do you ever think about dreams you once had which got buried in a complicated and stress filled life? Click the image below to find out how we can help – online course, next evening workshop 27th Nov, the Dare to Dream CD and weekly inspirational e-zine

PSS: At last months evening workshop one of the participants told us about how she manifested a dream to go to China to help out with the Special olympics and how she is nourishing her writing dream. One of the aims of these workshops is to create an environment which supports and encourages you to manifest your dreams. I will continue to invite different people who are manifesting their dreams to share their story and their wisdom. Click on the image below to find out more:

How to Manifest Your Dreams

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Mary Tolan November 12, 2007 at 5:39 am

Would love to know where to get the inspirational CD

Thank you

ollie November 17, 2010 at 2:39 am

Sean, I feel you are providing great words of wisdom and I thank you sincerely for that.

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