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Move Your Feet …

by inspire on July 30, 2007

Sometimes when we explore how to use the power of Spirit to manifest our desires we may become confused about what role we play – do we decide what we want, then sit back and wait for Spirit to show us exactly how to get it (and preferably in a nice easy comfortable way)?

A few weeks ago I was exploring some of these concepts and felt I hadn’t made much progress for a few months. I wondered what was going on – what was I doing wrong or not doing? I felt I was thinking positive, doing the affirmations, practicing yoga, reading the inspirational books and so on, but still nothing was really moving. I started asking, sometimes pleading, with Spirit – come on … why isent anything moving?

Then on a visit to a physio I read the calendar on the way out. It read:

Do not ask the Lord to guide your footsteps

if you’re not willing to move your feet.

I actually laughed with joy when I read it as I knew it was the exact message I needed to hear. Fast forward another couple of weeks to last Thursday.

After loads of mental tossing and turning, I made a decision to let go of a business I had been involved in for years. Even though it hadn’t been doing much business for some time I had become so identified and so attached to the business, I found letting go extremely hard. I had been tosing this decision around within me probably for a couple of years and finally, I plucked up the courage to let it go.

Of course I felt fear but I also felt tremenjous excitement and so much free’er within myself. I also had masses of more thinking space again. Of course what then happens – the universe responds - that very night I met someone who listened to the Be Still song from the Dare to Dream album and immediately said – “thats beautiful”. Within a minute he offered me an opportunity which I’ve been dreaming about for years (as its early stages I won’t go in to all details yet). And of course I’ve said an absolute “YES” to this heaven sent opportunity.

Yet again I was reminded about a very important universal principal – in order to let the glorious new into our lives we MUST have the courage to let go of the old. We must “Move Our Feet” and sometimes while blindfolded!

As the French poet Guillaume Apollinaire (1880 – 1918) said:

Come to the edge – he said

We can’t we’re afriad – replied the crowd

Come to the edge – he said

We cant’ we’re afraid – replied the crowd

Come to the EDGE – he said

They came, he pushed them and they flew!

by Seán M Kelly

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