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Plant some shit – Gangster Gardeners LA Ron Finley

by inspire on May 2, 2013

ron finley gangster gardener If this world is to be the place we would like it to be, we all need to keep spreading positive messages. Inside each of us are our passions. Inside each of us are our talents. Inside each of us are our gifts. These can all be used to help build on the beauty that already exists in our world. As Edmund Burke (1729-1997) an Anglo-Irish statesman said “the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men (and women) to do nothing”.

So when I came across the following TED video with Ron Finley, Gangster Gardener, I knew I was watching someone who is doing exactly that with a mission to make Los Angeles a better place for people to live and live healthily. What’s he doing? He’s creating beautiful gardens on the unused lots around the city. And believe it or not there are enough unused lots of land in LA to build 20 central parks or grow over 700 million tomato plants! This man is on a mission, a mission that will not only benefit LA and it’s people but has the potential to benefit the whole world. This man can inspire us all to play are part.

Some of what he says in this highly inspirational video is – “if kids are not shown how food affects the body and the mind they blindly eat what’s put in front of them”, “I want to take shipping containers and turn them into healthy cafe’s”, “if kids grow kale they eat kale”, “Aren’t you afraid people are going to steal your food? Hell no! That’s why it’s on the street! That’s the whole idea!”

This inspirational, entertaining and enlightening TED video is about 11 minutes long. And this 11 minutes has the potential to inspire you to also spread your positivity, your message, your mission in the world by “planting some shit”.

Watch this video and Be Inspired! Sean M Kelly

Video from KarmaTube

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