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by inspire on September 30, 2008

“Though we seem to be sleeping,
there is an inner wakefullness
that directs the dream
and that will eventually shake us back
to the truth of who we are.”

Though it is often challening to accept responsibility that whats going on in the economic world today is of our own making, once we do, we reclaim our inherent power to create the best solution. As Einstein said the state of consciousness which created the problem is not the state of consciousness for the solution. So according to this we must raise the state of consciousness. How do we do it? What sort of state of consciousness created this problem in the first place? 

A number of years ago I delivered a workshop to a marketing company and asked them how they try to motivate people to buy products? “That’s easy”, said the Managing Director “all our adverts motivate through fear, greed and insecurity“. Well it looks like we’re now reaping the harvest on a global scale of such motivating factors. What is the consciousness for the solution?

We all need to examine our own lives and ask what motivates us? Is it fear or greed or insecurity? If it is we need to change it for higher human qualities like love, peace, joy, prosperity for all, sharing, caring, generosity, oneness and similar qualities. The sort of qualities that when you use them in your life you feel absolutely fantastic. Just ask yourself why do you do what you do? Who are you serving? Are you serving in a manipulative, controlling way? Are you truly interested in your clients needs or just in making as much money as you can so you can feel more secure in the current economic climate? Are you driven by some insecurity which you believe will be filled by something outside of you – a bigger job, a bigger bank account, a relationship with someone who provides it all for you, a better government? These may not be very comfortable questions but as the saying going “face the truth about yourself and the truth will set you free”.

This current economic tsunami is yet another wake up call for humanity to bring us onto a whole new level of existence. In time it will clear and like all clouds it will have its silver lining. However the more we try and hold on to the past and the way it’s been up to now, the more challenging this transistion will be. We need to rise up to the challenge and realise eventhough we sometimes think we are the most evolved humans ever to be on this planet we may really be at the beginning of our evolution – future generations may look back on us as a stone age generation albeit the stones  have been replaced by money!

Like the proverbial caterpillar, a transformation is taking place clearing the old, making way for the new and the most beautiful butterfly is about to emerge from her cocoon.

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Create a great week

Sean M Kelly

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Elaine September 30, 2008 at 7:18 am

Thanks Sean, That really set me thinking. I guess I did not feel at all responsible for the financial melt down, but actually……….. Perhaps it is time for us all to wake up and take resposibility and set our intentions on higher things!!

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