Turn Tragedy into Triumph – Day 9 Irish Inner Peace Pilgrimage

by inspire on September 30, 2009

“There is no way to peace, peace is the way” – A.J. Muste

A J MusteSometimes we think that when everything in our life is perfect we will have peace – when we’re in the perfect relationship or when we have loads of money or when we’re out of recession or when we’re in perfect health or whatever other condition we place upon realising peace in our lives. It’s like we put inner peace on hold until everything else is sorted!

When Dr Victor Frankl stood as a prisoner in Auschwitz in the second world war he had been stripped of absolutely every physical possession. He literally stood naked with nothing to his name. Yet when he talks about this moment he said it was one of the most freeing in his life. He realised even though the SS guards were liberated they could never take away his freedom to choose his response- he could choose whether to hate his captors or to find something positive in it all. He realised the power that many of us forget at times – the power to choose our response to any situation that life presents to us. Will our response raise us up to new levels of life or add to the external “burdens” we believe has control over us? Here’s a video where Dr Victor Frankl talks about how people turn around tragedy in their lives: 

Recently the famous cyclist Lance Armstrong was in Ireland for a “Livestrong” conference and the Tour of Ireland cycle race. Now here is a person who had cancer and has since won the Tour de France 7 times, a remarkable feat of athleticism even without a previous illness! However perhaps even more admirably Lance has setup one of the greatest cancer charities in the world Livestrong.

The aim of Livestrong is to unite, inspire and empower people affected by cancer. In Lance’s book “Every Second Counts” Lance mentions how his Mother told him to always “turn every negative into a positive“. Well when I thought about his achievement I turned to my own kids when we went to see the start of the Tour of Ireland race and told them about how he has turned a very frightening “negative”, namely a brain tumour, into the most amazing “positives”. And that powerful choice has already helped many many people. Here’s the video from the Livestrong conference in Ireland



Please note I havent said these challenges that come our way in life are necessarily easy, even when looked at with a positive frame of mind. But with a positive frame of mind we will be far more able to rise to the challenges and use them as stepping stones to a better and expanded life.

Last Saturday evening I sat with some great old friends and we sang some songs. One of the songs was “Ride on“. One of my friends spoke about how this song can mean so many different things to different people. So that’s what I’m singing in this video and of course after talking about Lance Armstrong it has the appropriate title. Simply sit back and listen and interpret it in your own glorious way.

Finaly know that no matter what’s happening in our lives we can always choose to find some time to be still and tune into the inner peace that is within us all. Make sure to take a few minutes today maybe in your garden or somewhere else in nature to sit still and notice the beauty that is within you and that is without. Be still and know.

In-Joy,  Sean

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