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Surrender to Perfection

by inspire on July 7, 2007

Why do we choose to be unhappy? In a nutshell we think about what “is” in our life and we say to ourselves “no this isent the way my life should be”. We tell ourselves – “I’m in the wrong job”, “I’m in the wrong relationship”, “I don’t have enough …” We then crank ourselves up, create a consciousness of imperfection and try to change our life. Yet the vibration of this consiousness of imperfection creates more imperfection. Even if we do manage to change some things in our life, if we still have a consiousness of imperfection we will still be unhappy. An everyday example of this is someone who is in and out of relationships like a car on roller coaster, never finding the “right” relationship! Or someone who is getting wealthier and wealthier, yet is never happy no matter how much they have.

However if we choose to surrender, accept and indeed bath in the glory of all that is truly perfect in our lives (our health, family, neighbourhood, society, prosperity, friends and so on) and trust that every person and every experience in our lives comes to us to teach us something, we enter a wonderful loving, peaceful and joyous consciousness. As we do, our vibration changes and this vibration attracts more greatness into our lives. Suddenly that “perfect relationship” shows up or perhaps more importantly we realise the perfection in our current relationships.

You see in this moment there is true perfection in your life. When you surrender to it you will experience more perfection. In doing so, you’re also allowing yourself, just like most children do, to experience pure unconditional happiness!


Seán M Kelly

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