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Sweet Forgiveness is the Key

by inspire on November 12, 2007

How to Manifest Your Dreams Evening of Inspiration Tues 27th Nov 

“Where there is darkness bring your light”

What has forgiveness got to do with living your dreams? Everything!

You see if we hold grudges or bad feelings towards others we can create an impasse in our lives. We may seem to be progressing on an outward level by filling our lives full of stuff and busyness but this is often a form of escapism from facing the truly important issues and it can create an impasse to our inner growth. So how do we know if we’ve created such an impasse?

Sometimes we may have tried everything to get ourselves to the next level in life but just keep repeating the same pattern of progress followed by self sabotage, progress followed by self sabotage. We can read all the books, go to all the seminars, keep moving jobs and try all the different external routes but the same limited pattern repeats itself. We may think we can ignore the deeper issues in our lives and we can for a while. Ultimately we will have to face up to them though.

 For example the business person who becomes a workaholic. One day they get the heart attack or some other “wake up” call and then they decide its time to face the truth. Or a person who is addicted to something and uses the addiction to avoid facing the real issues. One day the pain of addiction becomes greater than the pain of addressing the true issues and they change. Or the person who enters one relationship after another and repeats the same self sabotaging pattern over and over again.

Every day the sun rises. Who does it rise for? For everyone. No matter what we’ve done in our lives, good or bad, the sun will always shine upon us. Why? Because the sun shines its light unconditionally. It’s unconditional forgiveness which many of us find very challenging both in forgiving ourselves and forgiving others. 

However, once we choose to forgive, we free ourselves and often go through massive inner growth as we’re finally learning the truly important lessons that life is offering us. Is it easy? It’s certainly easier than holding on to unforgiveness, bad feelings and grudges. Unforgiveness uses massive amounts of energy and there can be a huge price to pay in all areas of our lives.

Once you make the decision to forgive, you will be free and your energy will soar! Suddenly the door you’ve been trying to force open for years, opens as if by magic and in an instant your dreams are coming true!

(also see previous article Forgiveness Frees)

May Your Most Fulfilling Dream come true!

Sean M Kelly

Next monthly evening workshop on living your dream takes place on Tues 27th Nov in Stillorgan Park hotel, Dublin. We will also have a guest speaker Richard P. Cullen who used to work for CISCO and is now living his dream as a successful Action Business Coach. He will share some of his wisdom about living your dream. Register early for Euro 33 or on the night for Euro 40. Click below for details:

How to Manifest Your Dreams

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