The Human Mirror

by inspire on September 23, 2007

How easy it is to find “fault” in “others”,
how easy it is to condemn.
And gloat on our self righteous castle
never realising the “fault” is in us
Mirrored divinely by “them”. 

Our “Mother” taught us “Love Your Self!”
Our “Father” taught us that “You Can!”
and Love ALL that is before you
even when your ego prefers … you ran. 

For in this change of mind
there comes a hearty release,
the “fault” you see in “others”
is a mirrored gift … offering you Inner Peace. 

Let this week be a week where you truly look for the good within everyone. Let every word that passes your lips be a positive affirmation of the goodness you find. I dare you! 

Create a great week!


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Brian October 10, 2007 at 11:18 pm

Its much too easy to find the fault in others. Ive been doing that most of my life. Only now have I begun to start seeing the beauty in lifes little pleasures.

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