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The Miracle in the Human Brain

by inspire on February 18, 2008

With all our technology and knowledge our generation sometimes believe we’re at the end of evolution and we know all there is to know.  For example, people have long thought brain cells died with age and we certainly never get new ones! So we’d all believe and thus behave in a way that our brain deteroriates with age then ironically because of the power of our brain this negative outcome was sometimes realised! Yet scientists recently proved that we do indeed generate new brain cells throughout our lives and that limited belief was wrong - see Scientific American and let your genius soar!

She found the flowersIts most especially important that if we have limited beliefs and knowledge about our brain and its capabilities that we don’t pass these limits on to our children. So investing some time learning about this frontier in human wisdom will greatly benefit your children. On giving a workshop on Creativity and the Mind to a group of business students in an Irish College recently I was asked by one of them – would what I was teaching work with children? “Absolutely!”, I said and offered her some advice. She told me she had a child who was being a bit challenged in school. The danger here is that she loses faith in her childs natural genius ability and begins to treat her child as less than it really is. I remember coming across a quote one time which said:

“Treat a child as they are and they will remain as they are, treat them as they can and should be and they will become as they can and should be”

So we MUST always treat our children as we would like them to be or better still help them stay aligned with what they truly are – total genius, totally unique and that there’s a great purpose to their lives! 

In light of this ladys question I’m facilitating a workshop on “How to help Your Child Learn” on 12th March in Stillorgan Park hotel, Dublin at 7.15pm which will offer practical advice and tips on helping your child learn. It’s aimed at parents, teachers or anyone who helps children. Indeed it will benefit anyone who would like to know how to use more of your brains infinite potential. For more details and to register click here – its only Euro 33 for the first ten people to register (some of these places are already taken).

So what’s the most important choice we make regarding our brain and its use – do we choose to be continously open to explore new unlimited ideas or be closed in old limiting ones. The following short video (1min 23 secs) captures some of the miraculous magic that is happening in your brain right now as you read this – Enjoy!

Nourish your mind, its amazing!

Sean M Kelly

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