The Power of Words by Seán M Kelly

by inspire on June 2, 2011

There is no doubt that words move us. They take our mind on a journey, weaving a web of imagery and emotion which is totally unique to each of us. Why is it unique? Because the meanings and emotions we have learnt to associate with particular words and phrases is also unique for each of us (to the most part anyway). Yet what is language and words? They are just sounds and syllabels which we have given meaning to. For example if you don’t speak Chinese the Chinese script doesent mean anything to you. Yet if you do speak Chinese it will mean something to you. So in and of itself words do not have any meaning except the meaning we choose to give it or have unconsciously learnt.

Some would also say however that words and languages have an energy and that sometimes we resonate with that energy, for better or worse. One of the oldest languages is Sanskrit. This is used a lot for mantras in meditation and chanting because it is said that the sound energy of certain words when resonated with help connect us with a higher vibration, one where we are connected to a universal consciousness, that is usually referred to as “God”.

Personally I think we’re connected at some level all the time as we’re all part of a great ocean of divinity, a collective consciousness. However a lot of the time we live our lives in the ups and downs of our individual “minds” , which is a great servant but not such a good master. It’s when we go beyond the mind and become the observer of it so to speak, that we realise just how much it has been our master – we’re afraid of so many things – especially that there isent “enough” – everything is perceived to be in short supply so we go filling our caves with as much “stuff” as we can in case it ever runs out! Yet when we go beyond our mind we align ourselves with our Spirit which by nature is abundant, infinite, loving, peaceful, blissful, creative, immortal (at least I hope it is!!!) and so on.

To experience more of these beautiful qualities all we need to do is make a habit of being still every day. It’s really great to start your day by being still even if only for a few minutes.

This morning I didnt have as much time as usual and there was a part of me that was resisting being still, so I tricked my mind and said “well I’ll just sit for 3 minutes then, I definetly have 3 minutes I can use“. And so I did. Of course invariably you sit for longer as it feels so wonderful once you surrender, let go and enjoy.

Now how has it affected my day? Well here I am writing about it and I still continue to “feel” the peacefulness of those few moments spent being still.

Find some words that resonate beautifully with you, words like love, peace, prosperity, bliss, kindness, calm, abundance, spirit, “om”, “namaste”, “om namah shivaya” or whatever. Sit for a few minutes, at least three and keep saying that word to yourself. Let it take you beyond the mind. Let it take you to a place where you are experiencing the meaning of the word … Peace …. Peace … Peace …

Allow it to fill your body with peace and allow it to go beyond your body until you realise your true nature which is loving, beautiful and peaceful. It will also remind you that you have unique and wonderful talents and gifts which will help you on your life’s purpose(s). Appreciate the magnificence that you are.

Have an amazing day!


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Roibeard McElroy June 3, 2011 at 6:54 am

Hi Sean!

Thanks for this! As someone who first started writing unseen over twenty years ago, I am someone who feels words have an importance but then sometimes I wonder is the pen mightier? But you are right…. One cannot deny that words have a mystical sound – some of which in Sanskrit were perhaps the first words or audible sounds ever uttered…… Words hold each molecule and atom of the universe…

inspire June 3, 2011 at 10:35 am

Yep words do have their power for sure. “In the beginning was the word …”

Prakash Mehta June 4, 2011 at 5:29 am

Sanskrit is not the oldest language. Prakrit language is the the oldest one on this planet and Sanskrit is a modified from this language.

inspire June 6, 2011 at 6:13 am

Hi Prakash, Ok thanks for letting us know. Do you have any examples of this language? As mentioned in the article “Sanskrit” is “one of the oldest languages”. Who knows perhaps there were languages even before these, we just not aware of them any more. What do you think?

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