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Three Steps to Develop Your Talents

by inspire on June 11, 2009

Everyone has talent but most people are not considered very talented. So what do those who are considered talented do?

 1. THEY MAKE A DECISION TO DEVELOP THEIR TALENTS. They commit to themselves that they will go for it. This decision can be triggered by many things – sometimes it can be instilled by parents or teachers who help children realise the importance of developing their talents, sometimes it can be triggered by a wake up call of some sort – the death of a loved one, an accident, a health scare and sometimes it can simply be a desire to do more of what we love in our lives.  

2. THEY CONSISTENTLY NOURISH THEIR TALENT. As Thomas Eddison said “Genius is 1% inspiraiton and 99% perspiration”. This is what really matters. It is the consistent action in the direction of our dreams. It is practicing and practicing and refining and refining. Simply put it is time and practice. Without this, no matter how many talents we’ve be gifted with, they will never amount to much. The challenge these days are there are so many distractions, so we must schedule time to nourish our talent. Whatever it is daily, weekly, monthly we MUST give our talents quality development time. One lady friend of mine had wanted to write a book for about 30 years but hadn’t. However eventually she made a decision that every night at 8pm she would sit for an hour and write, write anything. After a year she wrote her first novel and I believe is now on her third or fourth.   

3. THEY SHARE THEIR TALENTS often while facing their fears of not being good enough or of being rejected. No point developing great talent and no one knowing about it. I believe our talents are gifts that we can use to help and serve other people. Whatever it is, sport, music, art, business, parenting, ask yourself “how can I use my talents to serve other peoples needs?” If you don’t have an answer to this question, wait for one to arise intuitively or simply be aware of what begins to show up in your life in terms of who to serve and start to serve them. Even if its a small step to begin with go for it, remember small acorns produce great oak trees!

This week I’d  like to mention three people who continuously develop their talents and are using them to help others:

1. Sheila Campbell CEO Downsyndrome Center The aim of this charity is to create a center of expertise to help those with Down Syndrome and their families. Sheila is constantly using her talents to come up with ways to help raise funds for this and today (Thurs 11 June) they are having Irelands largest ever charity sale of quality dresses some of which were contributed by many very well known people (see There has been huge interest in this and no doubt it will be another major step in the realisation of the Center for Expertise.  

2. Jenny Brice – Singer and Songwriter – On her 40th birthday Jenny released her debut album, Dreaming of Peace. It’s a beautiful cd and well worth purchasing. Jenny lives in Washington State and after particpating in and helping to organise a Dare to Dream workshop over there in 2004 she wrote a song entitled Dareto Dream which is on the album. There’s also a video put to the music on her website, well worth checking out –

3. Claire Conroy – Claire particpated in the 12 week Dare to Dream course just finished in Dublin and truly got into the “Spirit” of it all. One of Claires dreams was to offer her wisdom and talents in her own “Spiritual” based workshop. I’m glad to say that Claire is delivering her workshop this Saturday 13th June in Dublin. The title of the workshop is “Finding Joy” and among other wisdom which will be shared and explored on the day is the work of Eckhart Tolle. It will be a great day I’m sure. If you’d like to know more about this you can email Claire on 

The other great news is the “Dare to Dream – 9 Spiritual Lessons for Manifesting Your Dreams” ebook is finished and will be launched week commencing 15th June. The first 333 copies of this book will be sold for a special offer price of just $19.97 (about Euro 15), after they will be for sale for $33. If you’d like me to let you know when its launched simply send me an email  I will be sending it out to a lot of people so if you would like to know first send me an email.

So what are your talents? Make a decision today to nourish them and share them. And I’d love to hear how your talents positively touch peoples lives.

Carpe Diem!
Sean M Kelly

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