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The 7 Principles of Mindful Wealth (synopsis)

by inspire on November 16, 2009

7 Principles of Mindful Wealth

What if the financial turmoil that the world has experienced in the last year or so is a giant financial wake up call for humanity? What if the universe is letting us know that if we choose to operate as we have done in the past being motivated by “fear, greed and insecurity” with the sole aim of looking after number one, namely our individual selves, the price we will collectively pay is far far greater than anything we’ve experienced up to now?

Where did such beliefs as “there’s isent enough money” come from? Who’s interest is such a belief really serving? Why was money invented in the first place?

So we could trade goods and services between each other rather than having to barter all the time. For example, the shoemaker wouldn’t have to keep paying the baker with new pairs of shoes for a loaf of bread. The shoemaker could give the baker some money so the baker could buy something that he needed from some other trader, such as a butcher. This is the real purpose of money, a means by which goods and services could be exchanged. The aim was also that it be a fair and equitable exchange.

Somewhere this simple idea seems to have been totally skewed into believing that the more money I have the more secure I am and almost ludicrously believing that “I’m a better person than you because I have more money!” We somehow lost the idea of the importance of exchanging useful products and services into thinking that what was more important is to get as much money as we can for ourselves (ourselves being individuals, institutions, corporations and such like) no matter what the consequences to other people, the planet, animals, plants and even the universe itself. And to charge as much as we can get away with, just keep everyone wherever possible in the dark!

When I was a child in Ireland we had a term for this sort of thinking. It was called “me feiner“. This basically means all we think about is ourselves. Well I guess in Ireland we should have listened to those wise ones who created this term before us because we’ve ended up in a right economic mess now because we were thinking exactly like “me feiners”. Indeed some would say with all the “shouting and balling” thats now going on between all the different groups with their vested interests and their blame games that we’re still thinking like “me feiners”. In fact I wonder are we learning any lessons at all? It would certainly seem we are not learning any of the real lessons that we must learn to create a society that is compassionate, equitable, just and most importantly one where we truly care for eachother.

Well it was with absolute delight and excitement that I came across one, if not the best article I’ve ever read about money on a website called The author of the article is the creator of this enlightening website and his name is Mike Adams – “The NaturalNews Network is a non-profit collection of public education websites covering topics that empower individuals to make positive changes in their health, environmental sensitivity, consumer choices and informed skepticism”

There are loads of interesting reports, articles, videos on this website well worth browsing. However the one that attracted me the most was “The 7 Principles of Mindful Wealth” . I read it in full for I’m sure well over an hour. It’s a brilliant read and I personally believe some of the solutions to the worlds economic woes are in this financially enlightening article if we act upon the wisdom that Mike shares in his report. However it will not happen in the near future if we wait for “big corporations and institutions” to change their mindsets, it will happen if we as individuals “be the change” and go for it!

To help you learn the 7 principles of the report I’ve summarised it below quoting directly from Mike in the main and adding  a few lines of my own. I do highly recommend you set aside an hour this week, get a tea or coffee sit down and read it in full.  And then of course turn these principles into real wisdom by applying them to your life and/or your business and indeed share the wisdom with others.

Here’s the link to the full report –  7 Principles of Mindful Wealth

And here’s an overview of the 7 principles of Mindful Wealth

Principle #1 Most people limit their wealth by choice
Basically wherever we are right now financially is the summation of all the decisions we have made consciously and/or unconsciously in our lifetimes whether that be as individuals, families, communities, banks, corporations, countries or the whole world. So the question is – how do we make better decisions – both consciously and unconsciously – that will lead us to the mindful financial wealth we truly deserve?  Mike wonders “could a wealthy person have integrity, too? Could they attract financial abundance AND be a positive, creative force in the world?”

Principle #2: Money is not evil.
The way money is EARNED and SPENT is good or evil, depending on the ethics applied to it. Up to a certain point in his life Mike had believed “Money was evil” again one wonders where in the history of economics was such a belief created. Maybe it had nothing to do with economics but more to do with keeping people “poor and ignorant” and under the control of “the few”. I certainly couldn’t imagine the baker and shoemakers mentioned above would have put any such ill-conceived judgement on the nature of money.

Principle #3: Money shall be accumulated (earned) in service of protecting sustainable life. (It shall also be earned ethically, honestly and without deception.)
It’s a very simple principle. It means attracting all the money in the world is a positive thing when it’s done in the service of protecting sustainable life. (That means life that can continue in harmony with the natural environment.)

If money is earned in a way that supports, protects or enhances sustainable, diverse life on our planet, then it’s “mindful wealth” or “good wealth.” If, on the other hand, money is earned in a way that threatens or destroys life on Earth, then it becomes “evil wealth.”

If you earn a million dollars mindfully, ethically and in the service of life, but then you sit on it and keep it all for yourself, is that really being mindful? I don’t think so: Mindful wealth must be redistributed in order to complete the cycle. In other words, wealth that comes from others must be recirculated back to others, and it must be redistributed in a mindful way.

Principle #4: Money shall be redistributed (spent) in service of protecting sustainable life.
Mindful redistribution of wealth means spending money in the service of life. So every dollar you spend goes to support something (or someone) that’s having a positive, creative impact on the planet. In this way, the more money you mindfully spend, the greater the positive impact on the planet!

Did you read that last sentence carefully? The more money you mindfully spend, the greater your positive impact on the planet! I’ll bet you never thought about spending money as bringing you good karma. But it does when you spend it mindfully. And – get this – the more you earn, the greater the positive impact on the world! Thus, when you follow these simple principles of mindful wealth, the planet becomes richer as YOU become richer!

Principle #5: Wealth shall not be hoarded. Earmark at least 10% for regular redistribution to positive-minded recipients and causes.
Poverty is not pious. There’s nothing sacred, honorable or even particularly spiritual about being broke. In fact, as I’ll explain here in more detail, creating and redistributing mindful wealth is a far higher spiritual calling than being broke and lacking the financial resources necessary to accomplish important things (like planting a hundred tropical fruit trees).

Don’t make the mistake I made. Don’t believe that being broke somehow achieves a higher spiritual status than being wealthy. When wealth is attracted and redistributed mindfully, it’s very much in alignment with high vibration, highly-spiritual living.

In fact, earning and spending money mindfully is, at its very heart, a compassionate, loving act. It is a genuine expression of mindful, high-vibration living.

Principle #6: Poverty is not pious.
You do not accumulate good karma by living in poverty. There is a vast amount of wealth in the world, correct? And most of that wealth is either being hoarded or used for destructive purposes that endanger life on Earth. This is happening beacuse the people in control of that wealth do not have the maturity, mindset and spiritual awakening that YOU have. So how, then, can you attract more wealth while improving the world? The answer is surprisingly simple: Shift control of wealth from THEM to YOU!

In other words, if money represents resources and power, then the more money that goes into the hands of responsible, life-protecting people like you, the less money is controlled by irresponsible, life-endangering people like the CEOs of drug companies.

Thus, not only is it better for the world for you to accumulate and redistribute as much wealth as possible, I believe that you have a moral obligation to attract (and oversee the redistribution of) enormous wealth.

Why should greedy, selfish people have all the money in our economy? Those selfish, short-term thinkers have little respect for life on our planet. They’ve made a mess of things. They’ve poisened the land, water and air, they’ve turned forests into landfill, they’ve intoxicated the population with harmful chemicals and hoarded wealth for themselves. If we hope to have a better future for our planet (and all the living beings on it), we have to shift wealth to those who are more mindful.

Principle #7: Natural living advocates have a moral obligation to mindfully attract and redistribute vast amounts of wealth, in alignment with their core beliefs (and with full honesty, without deception).
I believe that the high-vibration people of our time are now tasked with the project of serving as financial collectors and directors; mindfully accumulating — and then carefully redirecting — enormous financial resources

Here’s the link to the full report again for your convenience –  7 Principles of Mindful Wealth

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