What is your magnificence?

by inspire on August 25, 2008

Terry Oldfield concert Dublin Sept 11 2008(Click on image for Dublin concert details)

When you allow your magnificence to shine you free yourself of old limiting beliefs and touch people in ways you could never have imagined. We all have magnificece within us. It’s what we truly feel most passionate and excited about. It’s a way of being which nourishes the gifts we have been given, feels absolutely joyous and whose perfume enhances the lives of those we touch. What is your magnificence?

One world renown person who clearly demonstrates his magnificence through his music is Terry Oldfield (www.terryoldfield.com - Terry has sold over 5 million albums worldwide). As you listen to his music you begin to resonate and connect with that part of you which knows your magnificence. It may reveal itself in words or feelings or magnificent thoughts but the music will help you connect with the place within you which knows.

Below is a video entitled “Terry Oldfields Underwater world”. As you listen to the music and watch the video ask yourself the question “What is your magnificence?”. Let go completely into the music and enter its energy. Simply take a few moments in your day to let go and reflect on “what is your magnificence?” Then remain open and aware as the answer presents itself.

The great news is Terry Oldfield and his partner Soraya are performing a concert in Dublin, Ireland on Thursday September 11th at 7.30pm to 9.30pm in Stillorgan Park Hotel, Dublin. The concert is entitled “Music for the Heart and Soul” and offers you a rare opportunity to experience Terry Oldfield’s music live.  

Tickets for the concert are Euro 35 and can be bought online at www.seanMkellycom

Given that the concert is on September 11th we also have an intention to send a wave of peaceful light out to the world – your peaceful presence will help this be realised.

Terry and Soraya will also be delivering a workshop “Resonance – healing sound workshop” on Sunday 14th September, 10am to 5.30pm, in Stillorgan Park hotel, Dublin. 

 Involving music and yoga the day will give you an experience of your own magnificence. The cost is Euro 95. To reserve your place go to www.seanMkelly.com 

For any further information please phone 087 2494954.


Sean M Kelly


Email: info@seanMkelly.com

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