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What motivates you?

by inspire on September 9, 2007

About ten years ago I was delivering a workshop to an advertising/marketing company on how to use more of your minds potential.  Basically their business was creating adverts for their clients. During lunch I asked the Managing Director how do you aim to motivate people to buy what your adverts are sellling? “Thats easy!” he said, “all our adverts use fear, greed and insecurity to sell products!”.

I’m sure all of us sometime in our lives have been motivated by fear, greed, insecurity and similar qualities. Can you recall any specific decisions or actions you took which were motivated by these type of qualiities? What was the long term affect of such decisions or actions? Did they give you short term gain and long term pain?

The Native Americans say before making decisions we should consider the affect on seven generations – three previous, the current generation and three future generations. If the decision/action doesent benefit these seven generations we should consider another way forward.

Now look back on your own life. Ask yourself what were some of the best decisions you made? What motivated you to make those decisions? Perhaps a decision to be with your children more. Perhaps a decision to contribute more to your business/workplace? Perhaps a decision to exercise and/or invest regularly? Can you recall three real life enhacing decisions and the qualities which motivated you? How have these decisions benfitted you and others? What was the long term affect of such decisions?

Some higher motivating qualities are: contribution, abundance, sharing, peace, health/fitness, compassion, loyalty, community, prosperity, joy. Why not leave a comment below with some of the higher human qualities you feel motivate us. I’d love to hear your stories and I’m sure others who read this blog would too.

Of course the highest quality of all is Love. On September 12th 2001, six years ago now, Neale Donald Walshe, American author, in a letter on the internet responding to what happened on 9/11, asked what I believe to be the most important question we could ever ask ourselves:

“What would Love do now?”

If in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 the world responded to this question, rather than to “fear, greed and insecurity“ there is no doubt that this world of ours would be a far more loving, sharing and secure place, in particular for our fellow worldly citizens in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“Oh but that had nothing to do with me” we might say. It has everything to do with us all. It is time for us all to ask ourselves - “What would Love do now?”.

Why not when faced with a decision this week, big or small, ask yourself the question “What would Love do now”? Forgive your brother! Call your long lost friend! Let those close to you know how much better your life is because they are in it. Give something away with absolutely no conditions on getting anything in return and give something that isent easy for you to give!

If a critical mass of people on our planet (about 11%) base their decisions on the question “What would Love do now“, then maybe for the first time in human history we will realise the true meaning of “heaven on earth”!

With Love, Peace & Richest Blessings

Seán M Kelly

Neale Donald Walshe is touring the UK and Ireland in October 2007. For more information and to reserve a place click here

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Jane September 11, 2007 at 12:16 pm

Late morning on a beautiful bright day in early May 2001 as I walked from my local hospital I made possibly the most important decision of my life! That was to face my just diagnosed breast cancer without going into “battle” with it, to accept I was meant to learn something from it, discover the “silver lining” & to go through my inpending surgery & after treatment with grace, courage & much laughter!
In the following months I found oh so many silver linings, the courage & all the friends & family I needed to laugh with! I thanked the cancer for visiting me, for giving me the opportunity to learn what I needed to know then assured it that it could now leave, its work was done!
Six years on, apart from gaining one fabulous new boob, (my orginal is fabulous too only not as pert!) I have learnt so much including how brave I am, how to love myself & to my surprise how many people loved & cared about me (including dear Sean!)This in turn has given me the strength & determination to make gradually all the changes to enable me to have the life I had dreamed of & deserved!

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