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Who needs fixing?

by inspire on January 14, 2008

If we were to believe everything we’re told by those wishing to “fix us” we’d be overweight, underweight, too rich, too poor, too intelligent, too dumb, in the wrong relationship, too strict on our children, too soft with our children, spending too much time living in the past, no the future, no in fact we’ve totally lost the plot by living too much in the present!

Do you believe God or some other universal intelligence created us? If so why would they create a “damaged” good? But if we’re not broken why are we here?

Perhaps its to tune into that part of ourselves that KNOWS we’re Pure, Perfect and Complete and to realise the major part we play in co-creating our lives here on earth. Maybe thinking any other way is a misalignment with our true nature.

It really comes down to what we identify with. If we think we are defined by what we have, do or what others think about us then its a roller coaster ride as all these things are constantly changing – some days its great and some days its terrible! However if we identify with that which never changes, the Spirit/Heart that is within us then we’re more likely to realise our Purity, Perfection and Completion. Simple really!

So why not choose to imagine you’re pure, perfect and complete. Every morning this week invest some time sitting in silence and tuning in. As you then go about your day notice how much better a person you are to be with compared to someone who is in a constant state of needing to be “fixed”.

You look Pure, Perfect and Complete to me anyway!

Carpe Diem!

Sean M Kelly

ps: Remember if you’d like to experience “being” in an environment which encourages this type of thinking come along to the Dare to Dream inspirational evening tomorrow, we’re not in the fixing business we’re in the Self Realisation business! Click here for full details

Evening of Inspiration

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