Who will you feed? A way out of recession.

by inspire on November 17, 2008

medieval feastDuring Medieval times a King decided to determine who were the wisest people in his kingdom. To ascertain this he asked his servants to prepare a feast in his castle. He asked that it be filled with an abundance of food and drink which would amaze anyone on seeing it. He asked that many different groups of people be invited and they could eat and drink as much as they liked. However there was one condition – they all had to wear jackets made of bamboo. His servants invited the first group of guests who put on the jackets as they went into the great feast:

When they arrived and saw all the food and drink they were amazed and excited so they dived in towards the tables and tried to eat. However when they picked up some food they soon realised they couldn’t get it into their mouths because of the bamboo jackets - no matter how hard they tried they couldn’t get their hands to their mouths. After some time they gave up and left in total frustration without eating any food or drinking any drink!

The second group came in and again they couldn’t figure out how to eat with the bamboo jackets on and eventually left in frustration.

Eventually the most caring and generous people in the Kingdom were invited to enjoy the feast. They put on the bamboo jackets bent down picked up some food and began to feed eachother!

Before any of the current recessions what were we doing, were we more concerned with feeding ourselves than feeding eachother? If so then the wisest way out of recession is to now feed eachother!

Who will you feed this week?

Bon Appetit!

Sean M Kelly

PS: Dru Yoga and Meditation/Mindfulness classes Tuesday evenings 7-8.30pm and 8.45-9.45pm respectively, Jesuit Conference center, Milltown Park, Dublin. Each week more people are trying these classes out and finding out what a positive difference they make to their week, particularly in light of all the economic “doom and gloom” that is been bombarded at us at the moment! To register for a class simply text 087 2494954 or email info@seanMkelly.com

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jessica November 19, 2008 at 10:05 am

Thank you Sean. It reminds me of a Japanese folktale about heaven and hell. An old man visited hell. It was paradise. Lush, green abundant. A wonderful feast was laid out but all the chopsticks were too long and everyone was starving. He visited heaven. It was identical and the chopsticks were too long. in heaven people were feeding each other.

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