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Why Meditate – day 34 of 40 online Irish Inner Peace Pilgrimage

by inspire on November 23, 2009

photo by Sean M Kelly 2008What is the most important time of the day? Well pretty much since time began humans have welcomed the light of the day as the sun rises each morning.

The darkness of the night turns into the light of day and as it does it brings with it a newness, a freshness, a birth. It offers us new beginnings. It’s like the proverbial artists palette which is blank waiting for us to paint our picture as we go about our day. And the real question is what picture will we paint?

Unfortunately many of us find it so challenging to take time to welcome the new day into our lives. It’s like an artist who never takes the time to think about what they’re going to paint. He just splashes it on hoping to survive the battles that the day will bring!

Our lives have become so full of “busyness” we rarely give ourselves time to reflect. This “busyness” is often motivated by an inner fear that “there isent enough”. There isent enough time. There isent enough money. There isent enough of whatever we all need enough of.

What if just for one day you decided that “there is enough”.

You have enough time to take a few minutes in the morning to welcome the gift of life on this day? You have enough time to engage in some idle chat with your neighbours and/or co-workers .You have enough time to be patient and kind to others. You have enough time to help others who are in need at this time.

What if you decide that you have enough money. You decide to go into a shop, buy a lovely fresh sandwich and maybe a cup of tea too for someone who needs it. Take a walk down a street. Ask for guidance that whoever really needs it will show up. It could be anyone. If you trust you will know when they show up. You’ll feel it in your heart. Then give them the sandwich and tea. Give it to them without any need of anything in return (total unconditional giving).

Also give it not because it means “you’re a great person” but because it demonstrates to this homeless or needy person that someone cares for them. It demonstrates that inspite of all the “doom & gloom” we may be bombarded with on a daily basis there are still those who without any need for recognition and glorification choose a path of kindness and compassion.

These people whose footsteps may be rarely heard choose to paint masterpieces on their palettes of life. Masterpieces that perhaps if the truth be acknowledged are the very foundation of what really keeps our world operating at all.

As you watch this video really take the time to listen to the wisdom and depth of its words. Words which were put together by an amazing lady Iyanla Vanzant. At some moment in time she sat down in a timeless space, listened to her inner wisdom and created this wonderful morning meditation. Let its words resonate with you. Capture their magic. Let it help you create a new dawn in your day. And may the words inspire you to have the courage to create your own masterpiece.

Be Inspired! 


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