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Why should you be still and meditate? Day 12 Irish Inner Peace Pilgrimage

by inspire on October 2, 2009

One of the best times to be still and meditate is early in the day and early evening. What will it do for you? Here’s a list of some of the benefits for meditating and being still:

Benefits for Your Body

1. It gives your body time to digest food – sometimes we are so busy our body doesn’t have much energy left for digestion. If we meditate our energy is freeed up to allow our body to digest food comfortably.

2. It also frees up energy to allow for healing. When we get sick we should rest as everyone knows. If we meditate daily we’re giving our body little rests, time to heal and clear tension from the body and keep our immune system strong.

3. You will have a lot more energy for every day tasks. As your body relaxes and releases tension it frees up more energy so you can have a lot more vitality.

Benefits for the Mind

1. Like the body a stressful mind uses up a lot of energy. Relaxing your mind releases mental tension and gives you more energy for what’s really important in your life

2. You respond a lot more appropriately to lifes ups and downs. If our mind is racing we often make the wrong decisions as they often are reflex decisions. We later suffer the consequences of these decisions. By taking time to meditate we can “tune in” to what’s the best decision and we can often see clearer the possible consequences of different choices.

3. Our concentration and focus greatly improves – if we sit to meditate we are exercising our mind to have a one pointed focus so obviously our concentration will improve. As indeed will our patience.

Benefits for the Spirit

1. Number one we will connect with the Spiritual side of ourselves and hear its wisdom

2. We align our life with our true inner self and it’s needs rather than egotistical needs

3. We realise that we are far more capable than we thought. As the Course in Miracles says “there is a place within you where there is perfect peace, there is a place within you where anything is possible!”

There are of course many more benefits. As you practice being still and meditating you will realise them for yourself. However if you need more encouragement have a look at the following video:

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