Your Greatest Gift – A Tale for Christmas

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(This story is taken from Sean’s book “A Pipers Tales – 52 Inspirational Stories”. It is available to purchase online at this link - )

The bitter cold wind of winter was blowing down the narrow streets as the two children huddled each other to keep warm. The children had been homeless for some time. Both parents had been killed in a horrific accident. 

Each winters day they struggled to survive the harsh reality of their existence. Now it was Christmas eve and both of them wept as they missed their Mother and Father so much. Now all they had was the clothes on their back and an old blanket to keep them warm. Neither could understand why their parents died. Why had God taken them away?

Their tears rolled down their weather beaten faces. With bloodshot eyes they looked up at the passersby, who struggled to carry all the gifts they had bought. The odd passerby would throw a few coins in their direction but most found their presence on the street, at best an inconvenience and at worst something that should be violently taken off the streets and dumped out of sight.

The children huddled closer and covered their small bodies with their blanket.

The shops began to close and slowly the streets emptied. The cold winter wind blew more fierce, cutting into the bones of the little children. The children dissappeared under their blanket. With little energy left they drifted into a deep sleep.

While they slept they dreamt. In the dream they saw an old artist, struggling to finish an important painting for Christmas day. He had been comissioned by the towns Mayor to paint a picture of True Love and Compassion. It would be unveiled for the town on Christmas day. Now it was Christmas eve. The old artist still hadn’t managed to capture the true meaning of Love and Compassion in any of his recent paintings. Now all he could do was pray for a miracle.

The children looked on and felt compassion for the old artist. As they continued to dream they began to hear the most beautiful angelic music, a music which touched their very soul. It was like as if the dream was real. As they listened they peeped above their blanket and saw two figures coming down the street. Out of the darkness, the two figures lite up the street with their angelic light. With great excitement the children threw off their blanket,  ran to embrace the two approaching figures – it was their Mother and Father.

Tears rolled down their faces as their parents lifted them into their arms. “Where were you?” they cried. “We’re always with you in Spirit” they replied. ”Love is everlasting and soon you too will join us in this heavenly existence”. “But how, why, when?” the children asked.

“First you have much to give this little town” replied their parents. The children looked on bemused – “much to give” they thought “but we have nothing, except this dirty old blanket!” they said. “Yes in the physical world that is all you may have but within your heart you have an inner treasure which shines loving light so bright it will help many others realise the True Love and Compassion that is within us All. Your inner light is your greatest gift and this you must give to those who have lost their way.” said their parents. ”But how?” wondered the children?

Suddendly the children felt a kick in the side as a drunken crowd shouted at them to move away from the streets and stop turning the town into a pit with their filthy presence. Bruised and hurt the children wrapped themselves in their old blanket and dissappeared into the side streets.

“Come on” lets keep moving the young boy said to his sister. After walking for a bit they found another doorway away from the drunken crowds. As they went to lie down the young boy slipped on some frost and banged his head against the door. Gazed for a moment he lay motionless, while his sister could hear someone coming to the door. Too frighted and cold to move, they looked up as the dark wooden door slowly opened. Light from a candle slowly revealed the compassionate face of the old artist.

He looked on in silence and smiled inwardly. His prayers had been answered. In his long life he had learned there is a reason for everything and he knew these children had been sent to him from God. He also felt the True Love and Compassion shining brightly from these beautiful children. He invited them in for shelter and food.

He looked on as they ate and told them about the painting he had to create for the towns people. It has to portray True Love and Compassion, like the True Love and Compassion I experienced when I first saw you. The children sat silently for a moment as if the divine purpose for their lives was being revealed to them. All their lives perceived struggles began to make sense. They smiled in acceptance of this divine calling.

The artist invited them to sit for their portrait. The artist lost himself in this most divine creation and wept on completion – the True Love and Compassion he felt when he first saw the children shone like heavenly beams from the painting.

Fulfilled, the old artist and children rested peacefully that Christmas eve.

Christmas morning arrived. The old artist wondered was it all a dream. However the Mayor, with a number of town dignatories arrived to his house to collect the painting. The old artist invited them in and forgot all about the children. He gave the painting to the Mayor who was so overcome with the divine work that he wept openly in front of him.

The Mayor covered the painting and brought it to the townhall to be unveilded at noon.

At noon all the towns people gathered for the unveiling. They looked on while the Mayor said a few words. Slowly he pulled across the small curtain which revealed the painting. Stunned into silence everyone recognised the two children they had shunned on the street. For a moment they felt remorse for how they had mistreated the children, yet these thoughts gave way to an overwhelming feeling of True Love and Compassion. It was as if the children were alive in the painting and were offering the people the Greatest of Gifts – a divine experience of True Love and Compassion. Humbeled they knelt in deep appreciation.

It wasent long before everyone was turning to eachother and asking “where are these children now? ”Let’s find them”, someone said. “We must help them?” Everyone ran out of the town hall, rushing down the small streets, searching and calling out. No one answered.

Later that day while walking home after all the celebrations, the old artist noticed an old blanket in a quiet doorway. In silent anticipation he lifted it. Here he found the bodies of the two little children, embracing eachother in a heavenly peace. They had fufilled their divine mission. 

Home is a little further

by Sean M Kelly
(c) Dec 2007

Your Greatest Gift – Remember to share your greatest gifts this Christmas. These gifts are what you’ve been born with – your kindness, sense of humour, love, compassion, creativity, true prosperity and peace. Let these Gifts shine forth from within you to touch the hearts of those you meet. Know that on all twelve days of Christmas this world is a better place because of the greatest gifts you have given.

Create a Wonderful Christmas and May Your Most Fulfilling Dreams come true in 2008 …

Very Best Wishes, Sean M Kelly

(This story is taken from Sean’s book “A Pipers Tales – 52 Inspirational Stories”. It is available to purchase online at this link - )

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